Homeowners Turn To Roofing Contractor Serving Lee´s Summit, Missouri

Mighty Dog Roofing of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is proud to offer a variety of services to local homeowners, as listed on their official website. The company also encourages nearby customers to take advantage of their free inspection if they believe their roof has been damaged recently. Roof damage from fallen trees, daily wear and tear or severe weather can be addressed better if caught early, so the company offers a full professional inspection at no cost to the community. Learn more here: Visit Company Website.

Even if the homeowner has reason to believe that the roof damage is relatively minor, the company recommends taking it seriously. Any level of damage can be the starting point for a deeper crack in the roof's integrity, so it is best to take care of the problem the moment it arises. The team of experts working for Mighty Dog can recognize what the average homeowner would not be able to identify (other than a hole or a missing tile), and they are always available to customers.

The team encourages homeowners to call the company at any time for a professional assessment of the situation. They offer roof inspection, installation and repair; attic venting, gutter installation and inspection; and more, including gutter repair. The website provides more information about the maintenance and repair services as well.

As Mighty Dog Roofing points out, the best course of action for homeowners is often to fix problems before they get worse. This is in part because it is much more inconvenient for crew members to stay on the roof for more than a day (repairing minor damage) when trying to fix a serious issue. Many people like to note that solving problems earlier is much more effective. For example, small holes are much simpler to repair (thus requiring less material and labor).

Given how tight household budgets have become in recent years, cutting costs is key, and the company knows it. Customers do not have to worry about being charged extra for free inspections, and finding problems early can save a lot of money in the long run. The company uses a 25-point inspection process to determine if there are problems. Learn more here: Visit Web Site.

Customers can always count on the contractors at the Lee’s Summit roofing company to share the benefit of their professional knowledge in an open and honest manner, thanks to the company's long standing reputation for honesty and transparency. There are no hidden or unexpected extra costs as the company has a strict pricing policy to follow once the work starts. Similarly, customers can choose the financing options of the Mighty Dog team. They can even compare customized financing offers across the company's network.

Customers can review preset offers on the website at their leisure — without affecting their credit score. They are afforded quick access to a wide range of offers based on the criteria they find the most important, such as interest rate, payment amount and financing term. The entire process can be handled online through the Mighty Dog website.

Many of the company’s customers across the nation have praised Mighty Dog for the variety of services it offers. Perfect 5-Star reviews can be found for many of the business's locations, and the Lee’s Summit branch is no exception.

Harley J. states, “Jason Pennington and Jose Franco came to my house to do a roof inspection for a possible leak. They came to do a free estimate, but found a leaky seal around a vent and fixed it in no time. Jose sent pictures from the roof to show exactly what needed to be addressed. Jason and Jose were friendly and respectful. If I ever have the need for roofing help in the future, Mighty Dog Roofing is the only call I’m making.”

TJ Pennington also gives the company a top rating in their review, which says, “Jason was very professional, responsive and polite. I couldn’t be more happy with the work they did, and we will definitely reach out in the future for my other home repairs”.

The team are experts in helping customers choose ultra-affordable options without sacrificing quality and are happy to share the benefits of their knowledge at every stage of a job. In addition to visiting the company's official website or official social media channels, customers can also call or email Mighty Dog Roofing. Alternatively, they may visit the company at their Lee’s Summit, Missouri address for more information.


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