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Real estate investor Southern Hills Home Buyers is helping homeowners in Dallas who need to sell a house fast without waiting for a traditional estate agent to sell it for them. The company’s services were recently covered in a press release that can be read by heading over to the link: https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/49765-cash-home-buyers-houston-looking-for-homes.

A spokesperson for the company talks about the services it offers to Dallas homeowners by saying, “Finding the right buyer for your house in Dallas may take time and money. You may find a buyer for your house who declines to buy it due to various reasons. As a homeowner, this can be devastating, especially if you are in dire need of cash. Homebuyers expect the homes they buy to be worthy and outstanding. If your house doesn’t fit the bill, most homeowners won’t consider buying it. Now, you have the choice to change all of that in an instant and sell your home directly and quickly for cash in Dallas. A cash home buyer can buy a property quickly, giving the seller a fast cash offer. Southern Hills Home Buyers is the premier cash home buyer of choice in Dallas and other Texas metro areas. If you are looking to sell your property fast for the best return we have created a blog post that lists a few mistakes that you should try to avoid that you can read by heading over to the link: https://www.southernhillshomebuyers.com/blog/sell-for-cash-dallas-and-avoid-these-8-things-that-will-turn-off-potential-house-buyers/.”

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The family-owned and operated company from Texas has over 7 years of real estate experience buying homes quickly from homeowners who want to capitalize on their property and get a quick return. The company has a three-step process that helps them serve its customers at an unprecedented speed and with maximum efficiency. The home buying process begins with the customer contacting the company and offering up the details of their property. The company’s representatives will then use their real estate industry sources to research the details of the client’s home and then draw from their experience to give the homeowner a fair cash offer, that takes into consideration every facet of the property’s strengths and weaknesses, with no obligation and no fees. The client, at this point, can choose to walk away from the offer if it does not meet their expectations. This level of choice and freedom is not afforded when one uses traditional real estate agents who may or may not charge money for listing the house on the market. Finally, once the client decides to go with the company’s offer, the company will work to close the deal and get the seller the cash they need as fast as possible, in most cases, within a week of the acceptance of its offer.

The company has received great feedback and support from the local Dallas community for the services that it offers. The company’s Google My Business page sits at an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 from over 110 reviews. The company also has a well-deserved rating of 4.57 out of 5 from 14 reviews on its Better Business Bureau page where the accredited business has been rated at an A+.

A review from a happy customer on its Google My Business page says, “I had a house to sell and went through several home investors for a quote. One of the people whom I contacted was Giovanni. He gave me a good fair market price on the house. Giovanni was easy to talk to and didn't hurry through the transaction like the others. He took his time to explain to me the process of selling & buying the house which made me comfortable with his demeanor. He was most helpful and very patient with me. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to sell their home.”

Southern Hills Home Buyers can be contacted at the phone number (214) 225-3042. The company also serves clients in other Texas cities such as Mesquite, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, and Houston. Interest homeowners can read reviews about the company’s services from satisfied customers by heading over to the link: https://maps.google.com/maps?cid=9797048271991894520&authuser=1.


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