Homeowners Advised Not To Ignore Leaky Roofs From Northern MI Roofing Contractor

Traverse City, MI based Traverse City Roofing is reminding their community not to hesitate to get their roof fixed if it has a leak. A leaky roof may not seem to be of much concern, but it can swiftly and unexpectedly develop into a serious issue that threatens the integrity of the entire roof. Learn more here: TraverseCityRoofing.

“At this time of year, we can expect heavy snow and other types of inclement weather that will place a great deal of strain on your roof,” explains Traverse City Roofing. “Under normal circumstances, your roof would be well-equipped to deal with this since its integrity is intact and the weight of any snow or ice will be evenly distributed across its entire structure. However, if you have a leak, you by definition have a hole in your roof that potentially weakens its overall stability.”

The company adds, “Many also tend to underestimate just how heavy snow and ice can get. If you notice that your roof has a leak, the time to get it fixed is today. Postponing repairs may mean that your roof suffers far more extensive damage the next time your area experiences heavy snowfall overnight or has a storm blow in. This is also to say nothing of the water damage that could be inflicted on the walls, floor and so on beneath the spot in question. Your best option is to contact our team so we can get your leaky roof repaired today.”

TC Roofing is capable of repairing, maintaining and replacing virtually every kind of roof a customer may present them with. The company serves both residential and commercial customers, and their roofers are experienced professionals who are committed to delivering an honest, swift service. As a result, the company reassures their community that no problem is beyond their team’s ability to handle. Whether a house needs its roof repaired or replaced altogether, Traverse City Roofing is ready and willing to help.

Their customer reviews can attest to this. Tim E. mentions several of the characteristics the company’s customers have come to associate with their team, including their professional conduct and how swiftly they respond to emergencies. Awarding the company a full 5-Star rating for their efforts, the review says, “If you are looking for roofers, Traverse City offers the best at Traverse City Roofing. I needed emergency roof repair after a storm at my vacation home. I was so glad that I found a company that was able to act quickly and provide the services needed at a fair and reasonable price. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great company that is honest and easy to work with.”

A separate review from Edmund B. appears to agree with these comments, explaining that, “We called them for a roofing inspection, and they came out within 24 hours. After completing the inspection, they were able to get roofers to our house within an hour and complete all repairs we needed. Keelin was great, and the roofing job was done fast and efficiently. Would highly recommend using them.”

The company acknowledges that, in certain cases, a homeowner may find that no amount of repairs or maintenance work can keep their roof from developing a leak for long. This may be due to a number of reasons, from poor workmanship during past repairs to the roof simply having aged past its expected lifespan. While the company’s exact recommendation will vary according to the circumstances, they assure their customers that they are able to install a new roof if so required. Traverse City Roofing is a trusted roofing installation provider, and homeowners can count on their team to install a new roof using both industry-leading techniques as well as the best materials available.

Traverse City Roofing is on hand to fix their customers’ roofs. The company can be reached via phone or email, and further inquiries may be directed to James Thomas of Traverse City Roofing. A full list of their services can also be found on their website.


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