Home Star Group Proving To Be Trusted Contractor For Atlanta Asbestos Removal

The Homestar Group, based in Conyers, GA, has won the respect of their customers and is now considered by many to be the best asbestos removal contractor in the Atlanta area. Using advanced techniques and tools, the company gets rid of asbestos quickly and professionally, ensuring that any designated space is totally asbestos-free. Asbestos removal is a very difficult and very delicate job that is best handled by professionals, and The Homestar Group’s services ensure that every Atlanta home and office is free of this hazardous material.

“All asbestos-containing material in commercial and residential buildings must be thoroughly and securely removed so that people are no longer exposed to the risks associated with asbestos,” says The Homestar Group. “At The Homestar Group, we provide Atlanta asbestos removal services that prioritize safety while swiftly and fully removing any hazardous material. Until the late 19th century, asbestos insulation was widely used in homes and structures. News of the risks it entails spread like wildfire, and sadly, a significant amount of hazardous asbestos material remains in the environment. Prolonged exposure can result in life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis or mesothelioma. Receive a free quotation from The Homestar Group, a well-known Atlanta asbestos removal company that specializes in asbestos cleanup. We are a devoted team of trained experts who are committed to eliminating the harmful effects that asbestos has on the community.”

The removal of asbestos includes removing all asbestos-containing material and then having it carefully transported in safe handling containers to be disposed of appropriately at an approved facility. Asbestos is a dangerous substance that has caused many people to fall ill over the years, and this is why asbestos abatement is so important. Those who are not certified to work with asbestos are generally discouraged from allowing themselves to spend any time near asbestos when it is being removed. Homeowners looking to renovate their homes often find asbestos, however, and in cases like this it is always best to contact a professional and have them handle it. Learn more here: Asbestos Abatement Atlanta.

Workers face serious risks when dealing with asbestos but The Homestar Group equips their workers with the very best equipment in order to ensure that they stay safe at all times. Homeowners can rely on the team to remove asbestos from any space quickly and safely as a result. Homes and offices built before 1980 are likely to have some asbestos in their construction, and anyone who finds themselves residing or working in such a building is encouraged to contact an asbestos removal contractor as soon as possible.

The removal of asbestos is accomplished in a number of ways (depending on the circumstances), but The Homestar Group consistently produces excellent results regardless of how they choose to approach the matter. The countless 5-Star reviews on the company’s Google profile are evidence of the great work they do.

“My experience with Homestar was exceptional,” says one review of The Homestar Group from a customer named Ashlee D. “From the start, right after my home caught fire, to finishing with the delivery of my items three months later once we closed on our house, [they were] professional. Brittney Daniel went above and far beyond to ensure my family received the best help and take care of our property. 100% will use them again should something ever happen!”

Maria R. also says, “Brittany Daniels and team came out at the request of Mike Wetzel (awesome mitigation VP). After the initial water damage property assessment, Brittany arrived on site, same day, with dehumidifiers! After insurance approval, Brittany initiated her team within 72 hrs to begin removal of damaged property! The team came in, removed damaged property, treated areas, continued with the dehumidifiers. Homestar has been a true blessing for our family! They have made our stressful situation less stressful! Extremely professional and timely! Would give 10 stars if the option was available!”

For more information on asbestos removal in Atlanta, visit The Homestar Group’s website. They are always ready and willing to handle all kinds of asbestos removal jobs, and with one quick call, home and business owners can have a team of asbestos removal specialists on their way. Learn more here: Asbestos Removal Atlanta.


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