Home Insurance and Auto Customers Rave about Central Indiana Agent’s Ability to Find Them Lower Premiums

Whiteland, Indiana-based The Sweney Agency, has been getting glowing reviews from its customers due to this agency’s ability to find them lower premiums. Many customers state that they are paying up to $500 less on their premiums than with their previous insurance agent. One client even wrote in a review that her homeowner’s premiums were so much lower with The Sweney Agency, she was now highly suspicious that she was not given a fair shake with her previous insurance provider. In the just-mentioned agency review, Kirsten G wrote, “Great service and attention to detail! Travis helped save me a tremendous amount on my homeowner’s insurance, doing far better than other insurance companies from which I received quotes. Come to find out my previous insurance company was charging me double for the value of my home and other companies were following suit with their quote, but not Travis. I am very thankful to know that I have someone looking out for me.” Those looking to see if this reputable Allstate Insurance agency can help them too can visit their website which is found at www.yourindianaquote.com.

Customers have also come to appreciate more than just The Sweney Agency’s ability to find them lower premiums. Many also state that they like the way Sweney and his other agents take an honest and personal approach with their customers. Kyle D says, “I can't emphasize enough how great it is to work with a professional like Travis - who embodies integrity, character, and the value of relationships with customers. No matter your situation and insurance needs, Travis is your man. He will go out of his way to ensure your needs are met and is a great resource for financial inquiries beyond just insurance. At the very least, reach out for a quote and witness yourself what it’s like to work with one of the best in the industry.”

Travis W Sweney, The Sweney Agency’s owner, says, “Having our insurance customers take the time to write about how much they like doing business with us means a lot to us. I have to give much of this credit to the professionalism and expertise that the other licensed agents here bring to their jobs and our wonderful support staff. We will all continue to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers' insurance needs affordably and make some new friends in the process.” The agency owner also believes that it’s simply not good enough for his customers to purchase insurance without knowing exactly what they are getting. He added, “We’re passionate about helping customers understand the coverages they have, what’s being protected, and what’s not being protected.” As part of this process, he offers free insurance reviews to his customers and even for others that do not currently have insurance coverages with Allstate. More on the way this agency takes a well-rounded approach when it comes to dealing with their customers can be seen on their Facebook Page that is located at https://www.facebook.com/Allstate-Insurance-Agent-Travis-Sweney-106984864313978.

Sweney also mentioned that because his agency is based out of Whiteland, many people don’t realize that he offers Allstate insurance services to anyone anywhere in the state of Indiana. He has many customers who he insures in several areas of greater Indianapolis and some even further away than that. This means if someone in Bloomington wants Allstate auto insurance or a customer in Elkhart wants life insurance, Sweney says he is more than happy to help them out with that. He mentioned this extended coverage area also helps expand his customer base so he has even more flexibility with the insurance services and premium rates that he can offer his customers.

The Sweney Agency has a quote request form on their website’s homepage and Sweney reminded that insurance quotes from the agency are always free. They also are there to help their customers with insurance support services 24-hours a day 365 days a year. More information on The Sweney Agency’s Allstate Insurance services can also be seen on their Allstate agent directory listing at https://agents.allstate.com/travis-sweney-whiteland-in.html.


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