Home Insurance Agent Brian Dudgeon Expands Team

Stillwater, OK based Farmers Insurance - Brian Dudgeon is pleased to announce that their team has recently grown with the hiring of their fourth full time employee. This expansion will help the firm provide their expert assistance to a larger part of their community.

Brian Dudgeon is an insurance agent who works with Farmers Insurance. He is dedicated to serving the people in the Stillwater area by helping them find the insurance plan that best meets their needs. He has been in the insurance industry for more than 17 years and has accumulated a lot of knowledge in the industry during this time. His years of experience help him do his job at high standards. He also does his best to make the insurance process straightforward and smooth while tailoring his assistance to help his clients gain more knowledge about insurance and their coverage options.

Thanks to his experience and knowledge, Dudgeon is capable of helping clients with all kinds of insurance plan options. One of the coverage options that he can handle is home insurance. To most people, their homes are extremely important. After all, home is the place where they make memories as their life unfolds. It can be hard for people to imagine living anywhere else due to the attachment that they have to their homes. Since their living spaces are important, people should take steps to protect them, and one of the most effective ways to do so is having home insurance.

There are three main aspects within home insurance. The first and perhaps most well-known plan is dwelling coverage, which handles the costs of damage to the home’s structure that is caused by sudden accidents (such as fire, wind, lightning and falling objects). The second type is contents coverage. As the name suggests, contents coverage protects the items that can be found inside a home, including furniture, electronics and even pots and pans. These items may be lost or destroyed. If the cause of loss is a covered event, contents coverage will help in paying to replace the items lost or destroyed. The third coverage associated with home insurance is liability coverage. Liability coverage covers people in case they are financially responsible for injury to other people or damage to others’ property. There are several details to consider when choosing a home insurance policy. Brian Dudgeon and his team are ready to help his community understand their options and choose the one that is most suited to them.

Dudgeon can also assist with auto insurance. There are several situations and events that fall under auto insurance. These situations have their corresponding coverage. For example, collision coverage is responsible for covering the costs of the damage that an individual’s vehicle may suffer due to collisions. Another example is comprehensive coverage, which exists to protect people from damage to their vehicles caused by events other than a collision. Comprehensive coverage is especially useful in places such as Stillwater where the weather is prone to causing vehicle damage. Other coverages involved in auto insurance include liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. No matter the type of coverage involved, Dudgeon is ready to provide his assistance and help his clients choose the coverage options that are best for them.

Clients have had high praise to share about Brian Dudgeon and his services. Ruby M. says in a 5-Star Google review, “Wow! The customer service in the office is amazing, I got the best experience from the very first visit! They have a great team and the best rates in town. I went years over paying for car insurance. I’m so glad I made the switch. Now I save a lot with my car insurance, life Insurance and even renters insurance! The best part is knowing I can walk into an office and see my personal insurance agent right here in Stillwater, Oklahoma! No more long calls with an 800 number! If you truly want to be cared for, this is the place!”

Pam Shipman says in another 5-Star Google review, “As a Mortgage Lender, I often refer my clients to Brian Dudgeon of Farmers Insurance because they will give my clients a professional, quick quote. I suggest they shop for the policies that will fit their needs for their home and autos. Several of my clients have told me they like the personal attention they receive and, many times, their costs are lower than other insurance agency's quotes.”

Those looking for a reliable insurance agent are welcome to contact Farmers Insurance - Brian Dudgeon. Additional information can be found on the company’s official website as well.


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