HODL Token Launches Collectible Copper Coins That Come With Plenty Of Benefits

San Francisco, California -

The HODL token store has launched a new line of commemorative collectible copper coins and it is urging crypto investors and enthusiasts who are already invested in the HODL ecosystem to find out more about the coins and the benefits that they offer.

With each purchase of the coin, the buyer will receive a beautifully designed commemorative copper HODL Coin, 100% of $399 in HODL tokens based on the price of HODL at the time of purchase, 10% of every purchase will be a buyback on the chart and 100% of the HODL bought will be donated to HODL Forward, an initiative that helps global initiatives which feed families, clothe kids and help people around the world, and finally, 100% of the remaining $BNB will be used to create revenue streams that will feed the reward pool.

HODL Copper Coin

The last aforementioned benefit of purchasing the coin is worth drawing attention to as it highlights the core appeal of the HODL token. For every HODL transaction, whether it be a buy, sell, or transfer, HODL collects a small tax to fund a $BNB reward pool to sustainably grow its rewards. The capped reward pool means the rewards its clients’ rewards are protected even if volume dips, and are amplified in times of growth. As long as the buyers hold, they will be collecting rewards.

HODL is a financial services company that was founded in San Francisco, California, in 2021. It is the entity behind the HODL token, a community-driven digital currency that can act as a high-yield savings account that allows its users to earn rewards every day. It holds the distinction of being the longest-serving and highest paying $BNB reward token in the history of crypto. For those who are new to the crypto space, the $BNB reward token is a community-driven token that rewards all holders in $BNB (Binance Coin, the cryptocurrency coin that powers the $BNB Chain ecosystem).

A spokesperson for the company talks about what it is trying to achieve with the HODL copper coins by saying, “This collectible is our way to give another way for the community that has supported us from day one another way to be a part of this new paradigm of crypto investment that we have created with the HODL token. On purchase of the copper coin, you not only get HODL tokens worth exactly what you are paying for but the actual collectible itself is also sent to you to show off in your home or workplace to get others, who are looking for the keys to financial freedom, involved in the conversation surrounding crypto and, especially, HODL token. Just think of how many lives you can change over a simple water cooler conversation when people are curious about the shiny new copper coin that you are displaying in your cubicle or at a barbecue with your closest friends and family. This is just the beginning as some of the proceeds from your purchase will also go to HODL Forward which aligns with our founding mission to make an impact on the lives of unfortunate individuals and families all around the world. All of these benefits of course come with the assurance that the remaining $BNB will fund the reward pool that ensures HODL will be a safe and stable investment for all of its participants in perpetuity.”

HODL has been praised for its concept of the $BNB reward pool that uses an adjustable cap to ensure it is sustainable, safeguarding rewards when volume decreases, creating a sustainable and long-term source of passive income for all holders. There is also a maximum sell amount of 250bn tokens, per address, per 24 hours to reduce the impact of swing trading and to support the underlying principle of HODLing for maximum gains.

The company and its products have been featured in reputable publications such as CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance, CoinGecko, and Inc. Readers can head over to this link to find out more about the company’s history and to get links to all of its social media: HODL on Inc.com.


For more information about HODL, contact the company here:

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