HODL Gets Listed on Baby Swap

San Francisco, California -

HODL, a cryptocurrency company based in San Francisco, CA, is happy to announce that HODL is getting listed on a big decentralized exchange called BabySwap. This will boost the transactional volume, as well as increase the reward pool where investors get their rewards. They will also establish staking and farming that will allow investors to earn from their platform as well that will allow holders to earn from their HODL. HODL is a community-driven digital currency that can be used as a high-yield savings account that allows investors to earn rewards every day. Those who are interested in learning more about HODL can connect with HODL on Twitter.

HODL is a community-driven DeFi project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). HODL is revolutionary and constantly innovating to drive more rewards and value to all holders. It was the first project to reward its holders with BNB and reflections just for holding and has set the record for the biggest payouts of all time. At the heart of HODL is a highly-innovative smart contract that captures tax revenues from buys, sells, and transfers of the token. The HODL sell bot liquifies these tokens converting them into BNB and then places the funds into the reward pool. By holding HODL you can collect your share of the reward pool every 3 days and you will also be sent reflections throughout your time as a holder.

The total supply for HODL tokens was 1 quadrillion $HODL. Since the coin is deflationary, the supply will keep on decreasing with every transaction to make sure that there will be limited availability in the future. This will cause the price to rise as the supply decreases. To learn more about HODL, people can check out HODL on CoinMarketCap, which is a price-tracking site for cryptocurrency assets.

HODL also has an anti-whale feature, in addition to the auto-generating liquidity protocol. This was done after it was observed that many $HODL holders had been negatively affected by big dumps from whales. As an anti-whale feature, transactions that trade more than 0.25 percent of the total supply will not be allowed. This will also protect the price movement. To do that, they have created a feature on their dAPP feature of disruptive transfers. The result is that whales who make a transfer that is larger than 0.25 percent of the total supply will be charged 1 BNB, and this will be added to the BNB reward pool.

The team at HODL is 100% committed to the project and works day in and day out towards creating a stable, passive income for all of its holders. Their roadmap lists things such as HODL card, HODL pay, an NFT marketplace and other projects that will help grow the project.

Founded in 2021, HODL is a community-driven decentralized finance (DeFi) digital currency project based on the Binance Smart Chain #BSC. HODL utilizes the most revolutionary mechanism for the BSC ecosystem where people earn $BNB just by holding $HODL token. DeFi projects are software protocols that operate on top of a blockchain network, such as Ethereum and Cosmos. Such projects benefit from the underlying protocol technology, such as new improvements to automate financial services. Those who are interested in learning more about HODL can also check out HODL on Inc.com. Investors will simply need to hold HODL tokens in their wallet to get more BNB rewards.

People who would like to know more about the HODL cryptocurrency can check out their website or join their telegram community.


For more information about HODL, contact the company here:

Adam Roberts
1460 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103