HIV RNA Testing For Early Detection Now Available

Early HIV detection is crucial in the management of the infection. This is why Express STD Testing is offering HIV RNA testing. This test is aimed at giving HIV results earlier that existing tests.

According to the website, “If you suspect you might have been exposed to the HIV virus recently, our experts recommend taking the HIV RNA test that has early detection. Express STD Testing provides HIV RNA testing that is approved by the FDA. RNA refers to the genetic material that forms certain viruses. This specific HIV testing will screen for this genetic material as opposed to the antigens or antibodies. This screening is what allows it to detect the virus as early as 9 to 11 days after exposure. Our HIV testing procedure is a simple process. You just need to provide a small blood sample and this will only take you a few minutes in one of our testing centers. You will first have to look for a testing center near you.”

They also talked about their testing centers, “All our testing centers provide highly accurate results that are approved by the FDA and have a 99.83% specificity and a 100% sensitivity rate. According to 2012 reports by the CDC, there were 1.2 million individuals living with HIV in the United States. There are people who have HIV and are not aware. This is because the infection might not show any signs or symptoms for years. With nearly 50,000 new HIV infection cases every year, it is important to get a HIV test now. If you have been involved in illicit drug injection or unprotected sex recently, it is a good idea to get tested. It is also important to get tested for other common STDs since having one puts you at a greater risk of other infections.”

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