HitLights and Bliss Drive Lights Up A New Business Partnership

HitLights, a company based in Chino, CA, that offers LED strip lighting solutions, has established a business partnership with Bliss Drive, a digital marketing agency, with offices in Irvine and Los Angeles, CA. HitLights is focused on developing new ways of using LED strip lighting technology in both residential and commercial spaces.

They offer UL-listed LED strip lighting solutions that can be mounted on surfaces to achieve professional quality lighting effects. These surpass in both quality and density compared to the standard strips that are found in many “Plug and Play” products from other brands. UL certification is important because it has now been accepted as the standard when it comes to professional purchasing. For instance, electricians and contractors only choose UL certified products. A UL certified product means that it complies with all of the requirements specified in the US National Electric Code and with the local codes in the area.

Bin Yu from HitLights says, “With this business partnership we have established with Bliss Drive, we will soon expand our online presence because of their digital marketing expertise. With their help, we expect to reach more people who are likely to need the certified premium LED strip lights.”

One example of the products offered by HitLights is the Premium Luma5 LED Light Strip, Single Color (UL-Listed) with a length of 16.4 feet. This is an adhesive backed LED strip light that can be used for cabinets, kitchens, bedrooms, displays, crown molding, and more. This can be mounted on most surfaces to offer professional lighting effects. These can be used with switches, dimmers, connectors, and other low-voltage accessories. Installation is easy and simple and these LED light strips can last for several years with minimal power requirements.

These LED strip lights can be used for back lighting, which offers a way to make things more attractive and gain the attention of people. A back lit logo can provide a classy lighting solution.

The products offered by HitLights can be divided into a number of categories. These are: single color LED strips; RGB LED strips; non-dimmable power supplies, dimmable drivers; controllers and dimmers; and connectors and accessories. More about the company can be gleaned by visiting their website at https://hitlights.com/.

Meanwhile, Bliss Drive is a digital marketing company that offers the most comprehensive and most effective online marketing service. They will optimize their client’s online exposure not just to boost the number of new customers for the company but also for them to have better customers that eventually result into improved sales and larger profits. Bliss Drive provides a number of benefits: stress-free delivery of work; positive ROI for the client as the company’s main priority; responsiveness that clients can depend on; and over 50 years of combined experience of their SEO experts.

Bliss Drive offers SEO services, digital marketing, web design, and content marketing. First of all, they can provide a website redesign for businesses that are having problems in getting visitors to remain on the site. Their web design and development team are all skilled and experienced in developing an attractive website. Furthermore, they will ensure that the site’s coding is clean and the pages will load properly on mobile devices.

After the website design has been properly adjusted, they can provide search engine optimization (SEO) services. SEO is one of the key techniques for maximizing site traffic. Websites that are optimized receive more than 60 percent of their traffic from search engines. And finally, they can help in creating content across various platforms while making sure that the vision and message of the company will be consistent all throughout.

Founded in 2010, HitLights was created through the Louisiana State University Business Incubator Program. It is focused on LED lighting and has developed a reputation as a key player in the strip lighting LED market in both residential and commercial industries, especially amongst contractors, electricians, designers, and fabrication companies.

Those who want to learn more about the LED lighting products available through HitLights can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


For more information about HitLights, contact the company here:

Yu Bin
(855) 768-4135
12285 Colony Ave, Chino, CA 91710