Hilton Head 360 Notes Benefits of Motorized Shades, Blinds

December 2020, Bluffton, SC - The latest blog post from Hilton Head 360, the Best Media Company in Bluffton, SC, highlights the benefits of motorized shades and blinds with home automation popularity.

The advertising company notes how home automation has become a trend now. Automated blinds and shades have brought more convenience for more homes, offering extra ease and efficiency than traditional blinds. With motorized blinds, a remote control or smartphone app is enough to adjust shades. Homeowners can also set it on a specific schedule throughout the day.

“With motorized shades and blinds, it’s easy to achieve a warm, inviting atmosphere any time of the day,” as stated in a new post at Hilton Head 360’s website.

Beyond convenience, the media company also pointed out that automated blinds and shades offer safety features. With automation, there is no need to use cables and strings anymore. Thus, no exposed cords can pose a hazard. “Some can even connect to a smart home automation system to automatically open if the fire alarm is triggered, allowing first responders to see inside the home.”

The Advertising Agency in Bluffton, SC also stressed the energy-saving benefits of automated shades and blinds. These window coverings can reduce solar gain and prevent heat loss. They also automatically adjust based on temperature readings and sunlight sensors.

With automated shades and blinds, one can also secure their homes and appliances even miles away. “Rugs, artwork, and furniture can all be spared from the sun’s harsh rays without you having to be home to do the job manually.”

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