Highly Positive Reviews Continue to be the Norm at Roof.Net

Roof.Net is a company that claims they not only do exceptional roofing work but also strive to excel at all the important aspects of customer relations. The many rave reviews that they get tends to back this statement up. The company’s owner, Ken Briesemeister, pointed out one review in particular that showed the company’s all-encompassing approach when it comes to roofing work. This review can be seen on the company’s GMB Listing here: https://goo.gl/maps/MbC6KHPAirCezBfi8. Like many of the reviews from customers that received Roof.Net’s services, this customer mentioned that the work was done to high standards but went beyond that too. She also noted that the company showed up when they were scheduled and their crews were very efficient at what they do. Reviewers of the company like this one, also tend to indicate their estimates were detailed and fair and they would not hesitate to recommend this Fairfax, VA-based roofing company.

In the above-mentioned review, Molly McKnight stated, “Ken and his team were very professional, communicative, and overall great to work with! The crew arrived exactly on time and finished the job quickly and well; prices were fair and transparent. If you need to get your roof done, then I definitely recommend you reach out to Ken!” This is not a one-off type of review for Roof.Net either as many reviewers have expressed similar sentiments. Raj R wrote, “I collected quotes from 5 highly-rated vendors and after very careful and lengthy consideration got the roof installed through this company. Excellent A+ company.” This Google review can be seen here at https://goo.gl/maps/Q1bmyM9H6w3NhQTMA. Glowing reviews such as these and many others like them on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing are why Roof.Net averages an amazing 5 out of a possible 5-stars, with well over 400 reviews received so far.

Briesemeister stated that while getting 5-star reviews on any job that they do is something that he and his crews are proud of, it’s not their primary goal when they set out to accomplish any roofing job that they do. He says that his crews are talented enough that if they put a high amount of effort into each roofing project that they do and he does his part too by being honest, fair, and upfront with his customers, then the 5-star reviews will be a natural byproduct when those goals are achieved. The company owner acknowledged that the consistency with which they have been able to do this and the resultant impressive string of glowing reviews directly reflect the type of effort that they are willing to put into every single roofing job that they take on.

The company owner talked about the way they approach roof replacements as an example of the comprehensive way that they go about delivering their roofing services. He says that after the customer asks for an estimate for the job, he will quickly visit their property and perform a roof inspection. That is followed up with a detailed estimate describing exactly what will take place during the roof replacement, and a fair price will be attached to that estimate. Briesemeister says that he will also make himself available to answer any questions a customer has. Once a job is scheduled, they will stick to that date and the work will commence unless the weather is a factor. He says all of their projects end with a secondary inspection to make sure the work was done just right and no job is considered complete until a thorough yard cleanup has been done. Even though the actual work has been completed, they will also stand behind that work with a complete guarantee for a specified amount of time. Briesemeister stated that they use a similar approach when it comes to finding roof leaks and when performing any other residential roofing repairs regardless of their size.

A review that can be seen on their Twitter Page may be the most telling of all about the type of impression that they like to make on their customers. Aaron Goudarzi stated, “I usually don't take the time to leave feedback, but this case is exceptional. Ken has been the most dedicated and professional roofer. This is just a small token to thank him for his recommendations and professional expertise.” Roof.Net’s Twitter page can be visited here: https://twitter.com/roofrepairva.


For more information about Roof.net, contact the company here:

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4094 Majestic Ln
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