Heritage Arms Enhances Their Victory Turbine Muzzle Brake Product

Heritage Arms, a business based in Loma, CO, has revealed they have been improving on their Victory Turbine muzzle brake. Specifically, they have been working on improving the muzzle brake’s recoil absorption for medium to large case capacity cartridges. A muzzle brake is placed on the muzzle of a gun for the purpose of dampening recoil, especially for large guns.

A spokesperson for Heritage Arms says, "As we continue to improve our products the Victory Turbine muzzle brake is getting some new challenges. We are working to improve recoil absorption for medium to large case capacity cartridges. Some by adding ports, some by changing the outside diameter and some by doing both. We want to provide a product that is effective but also weight manageable. All without building a custom one for every caliber in existence."

Heritage Arms: Victory Turbine Muzzle Brake

The propellant exhaust gases produced when a gun is fired typically exit through the muzzle and cause a recoil or kickback. The muzzle brake is typically used on large guns, such as tank guns, rifles with large calibers, or other service guns, because the kickback is so powerful that it is hard to handle. The muzzle brake is able to reduce recoil by as much as 50 percent by rerouting the exhaust gases backward to provide a force that counteracts the recoil.

The Victory Turbine is the company’s newest design signature brake. A distinguishing feature of this brake are the multi-axis gas ports that cause a helical cone shape for the exiting gases. The forward edges of the ports for this muzzle brake are angled towards the rear to offer the best possible recoil reduction while the rear edges are helical forward in order to help direct some of the increased noise away from the shooter. This particular design has minimal dust imprinting. The 1/2" threaded muzzle brakes can be bored for appropriate clearance up to and including 30 caliber. It is important to note that installation of the muzzle brake must be done by a reliable gunsmith. The timing, brake bore clearance, and concentricity to bore must all be finished. These muzzle brakes are supplied with a .245 bore. However, the brake must be bored to the proper diameter. If not, it will cause a catastrophic failure that will result in injury or even death.

The Victory Turbine muzzle brake from Heritage Arms is also available for the 50 Browning Machine Gun (BMG). This particular type of muzzle brake comes with a .54 bore. Installation by a competent gunsmith is also recommended. Other gun parts available from Heritage Arms aside from the muzzle brake are the bolt body, trigger guard, vent ribs, and the Cold Shot LLC MOAB/MRAB. The MOAB and MRAB are adjustable scope bases for long range shooting and extreme long range applications.

Founded in 1998, Heritage Arms began doing business by producing replacement parts for the Remington 600, 660 and Mohawk. In 2005, the company expanded and moved to their present location at Loma, CO, where they were able to purchase a number of advanced CNC mills, 5 axis submerged wire EDM, lathes, and several conventional machines including the latest CAD/CAM programming software. These allowed them to supply their clients with a complete range of custom gun work with the precise tolerances needed for the firearms industry. Presently, they are focused on ensuring high quality and total customer satisfaction for every product that they manufacture, from simple gunsmithing to the complete manufacture of custom design components. Some of the products they have fabricated are: bolt action rifles in different calibers from 17 to 50, AR lowers from billet, custom cartridge cases for obsoletes offering various items, such as the 2 Bore, 3 Bore and 4 Bore. They have a significant background in firearms, aircraft, aerospace, and also in providing fine instrumentation for the oil and gas exploration industry.

Those who are interested in muzzle brakes and other gun parts, fire arms, and specialty items, can check out the Heritage Arms website at https://www.heritage-arms.com/, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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