Heidi Le Encourages Fans To Make New Year’s Resolutions To Go From Broken To Wholesome

Heidi Le, singer, songwriter, and author of the best selling book about codependency and addiction “Confessions Of The Broken”, is encouraging her fans to make New Year’s resolutions for their own personal growth.

The singer says that most obstacles that people face are internal rather than external. Since these internal obstacles are barriers to inner peace, Heidi is asking her fans to come up with a strategy that will enable them to overcome those obstacles. She says that a lot of well-meaning and hardworking people make New Year’s resolutions without a plan to implement them in their lives. When one tries to complete a resolution without a solid plan of action, and something goes wrong, it trips them up and they wind up giving up on their goals, falling back to square one. This is problematic because people end up missing out on becoming the best version of themselves.

Heidi Le

The singer then gives the example of her own life. She says, in her thirties, she had a gut-wrenching knowledge that there was a big vision living inside of her, a purpose to serve others using all of her unique gifts and talents. She says that she would start projects passionately or begin her quest to get in shape only to burn out and feel discouraged about her lack of willpower. She says that this frustrating cycle continued until she discovered the secret to the transformation that lasts, the secret to creating and sustaining her ideal life.

She goes on to say that the secret is a collection of three main parts coming together in a package. The first thing to remember according to her is to give oneself permission to imagine the ideal life, where one is the best version of themselves. She says that one should imagine a life where talent is being developed, creativity is flowing freely, and one is doing what one loves. This can involve visualizing oneself impacting the lives of others and being compensated abundantly for their invaluable work. This ideal life should also make time for recreation, rest, self-care, and relationships leading to a life of joy, purpose, and balance.

The second thing to remember, according to Heidi, is to open up to healing. She says that by venturing out of one’s comfort zones fears, past wounds, and self-defeating criticisms pop up. These issues then present themselves as opportunities to heal. As healing begins, people gain the confidence to take the next step forward, followed by the next, and the next. The comfort zone can easily turn into a mediocrity zone, but opening up to healing helps people move forward into their growth zone. Heidi says that this is the magical experience of moving from surviving to thriving.

The final thing, she says, is to harness the power of mentorship. She says that the work of transformation is not for the weak and nothing makes someone weaker than isolation. When one tries to do it all on their own, the door of the mind is left open for lies, fear, and imposter syndrome to sneak in and take root. The journey of discovering one’s best self and best life is meant to be traveled with a community. She says that mentorship has cut her learning curve in half as she has published books, released albums, and conquered debilitating stage fright. She says that coaching and community shined a light on the dark lies of perfectionism and imposter syndrome, empowering her to release limiting beliefs that once held her back so that she could keep moving forward.

When asked to summarize the secret to transformation, Heidi says, “The secret to a transformation that lasts is to have a vision for your life that is so big and beautiful that it will pull you forward through the hard days, the meh days, and the downright discouraging days. You must open yourself to healing every time your inner critic shows up to bully you, and harness the power of mentorship to bring wisdom when you feel discouraged and light when your path seems dark.”

Fans can read more about her work at https://heidilemusic.com/transformation-that-lasts.


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