Hearing Aid Center in Birmingham, AL Announces the Release of The Beltone Imagine Hearing Device

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Birmingham, Ala. – As a leading hearing aid center in Birmingham, AL, Beltone USA takes great care to ensure that their patients receive the best possible solutions to their individual hearing loss levels. With the recent release of their new hearing device, the Beltone Imagine, Beltone USA is delighted to begin transforming their patients’ hearing experiences with never-before-used hearing aid technology.

After putting over ten years into the research and development of the Beltone Imagine hearing device, Beltone USA has perfected a new way of structuring hearing aids to create a more natural sound. The difference between the Beltone Imagine hearing device versus all other hearing aids is that they use a microphone and a receiver simultaneously within the ear canal. This new type of hearing aid is categorized as a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE) hearing aid, and the Beltone Imagine is currently the only hearing aid within this category.

“Until Beltone Imagine, hearing aids used algorithms of the “average ear” shape when delivering sound,” states Dr. John Nelson, vice president, GN Audiology & Medical Affairs. “But Beltone Imagine is not a one-size-fits-all hearing aid.  Most of the time, it will be collecting sound using the microphone in the canal, delivering that individualized sound. It truly lets each person experience the world with their own ears.”

One of the benefits of purchasing Beltone Imagine hearing aids is the automatic enrollment in BelCare, which guarantees lifetime care and protection services to the user’s hearing aids. Additionally, Beltone USA offers the Beltone Imagine hearing devices in eight different colors. The purpose of this wide variety is to ensure that patients are given the opportunity to wear hearing aids that match their skin tone.

Beltone USA is a leading hearing clinic in Birmingham, AL that continuously strives to provide the optimal hearing aid solutions to their patients. They look forward to witnessing more people experience the wonderful technology of the Beltone Imagine hearing aids. For more information, give Beltone USA a call today at (770) 577-2360 or visit their website at www.beltoneusa.com/birmingham.


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