Healthy Smiles Dental: How To Find A Trusted Dentist In Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska-based Healthy Smiles Dental is taking steps to help their community identify what traits they should look for in the event they need a new dentist. While some may believe that this is a relatively simple process, the clinic advises patients to make their decision carefully as it can have a direct impact on their comfort and oral health.

"Choosing a new dentist can be a challenging task, ”observes Dr. Terry J. Preece of Healthy Smiles Dental, acknowledging that many others in the community may go so far as to make the opposite mistake of obsessing over their choice of dentist. “However, as with many things, you simply need to approach it with a reasonable degree of care. It also helps if you know what you need to look out for and what you should expect from a competent practice.”

Dr. Preece continues, "The first thing you should do is to try and learn as much as possible about your new dentist. Look into their background, comments from previous clients, peer recognition and their reputation in the area. Accept nothing but the best, as this will most likely determine the quality of your experience with this new dentist. One with a good reputation will most likely not hesitate in going above and beyond to help their patients, in more than one way. They should make you feel completely relaxed, comfortable and safe while receiving care. At the same time, they should be skilled enough to deliver high quality service."

Convenience is also an important aspect to consider when choosing a new dentist in Anchorage, as noted by the local dental care office. Picking an office with a competent specialist and modern equipment can go a long way in terms of saving time — but the simple measure of selecting a clinic that is located close to the patient’s residence can cut down hours spent on the road or stuck in traffic. This will also make it easier on the patient if they have multiple appointments.

Another important aspect to look out for in a dentist's office is comfort. A reliable dentist should make every patient feel like their top priority, leaving them with no doubt about whether or not they want to be there. An appealing and welcoming environment that allows patients to relax while they wait for their appointment is a good start, though it is important to not overlook other benefits in favor of an office's charming looks. Some places offer certain additional amenities that can help ensure visitors have a pleasant experience, such as massaging devices, heated dental chairs, neck pillows, blankets and various forms of entertainment media.

However, one of the most important concerns for any patient will be how affordable the practice’s services are, and Healthy Smiles Dental notes that many consider this to be a higher priority than how experienced their dentist is. In light of this, patients find it crucial to look for a dental care office that works within their insurance plans — and are experts at helping their patients receive the maximum benefit from the premiums they have paid. Some clinics offer financing options and payment plans, all with the purpose of adapting and finding ways to work around their patient's budgets. However, this does not mean patients always have to compromise between an excellent service and affordability.

Dr. Preece says, "As a dental care clinic that is deeply committed to our community, we strive to meet all of these criteria. We have worked to improve every aspect of our service, guaranteeing our patients a premium experience that they cannot expect anywhere else. From extensive expertise to facilities of the highest quality, complemented with reasonable prices and various payment plans, we have done everything within our power to make ourselves one of the best, most convenient and accessible dental care offices in Anchorage. We invite anyone from the community to come to visit us and corroborate all of this for themselves."

Healthy Smiles Dental offers convenient early morning and evening hours appointments. Their team understands the needs of busy, successful adults and will strive to work with their patients’ schedules, valuing their time and convenience above all else. Their office is located in an easy-to-reach area, has ample parking and is completely handicap-accessible. Their services include Cosmetic Dentistry, Comprehensive Dentistry, Teeth Whitening and Sedation Dentistry, among several others.

The company's website offers more details on Healthy Smiles Dental and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Dr. Terry J. Preece to follow up on any inquiries or to schedule an appointment. Their site can be found here:


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