Health Wellness Coach in Quad Cities Iowa Offers Fitness and Nutritional Products Customized for Each Individual

Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim, which is based in Bettendorf, IA, wants people to know that Pam Klim is offering coaching and leadership in personalized nutrition, nutrition & fitness DNA testing, weight loss and other related services. Pam Klim provides coaching to people on specific nutrition requirements for a particular individual. A person’s DNA is the basis for particular person’s nutrient needs, including vitamins. A personalized nutrition program that is based on a person’s unique genetic makeup is developed by Pam Klim. She discusses some of her favorite products that they offer in a video that can be viewed at

Pam Klim says, “We offer coaching and leadership in personalized nutrition, nutrition & fitness DNA testing, weight loss, increased training performance, and increasing and maintaining optimal health. I teach a sustainable, healthy lifestyle in the areas of nutrition, fitness, supplementation, quality sleep, and stress management, that lead to optimal outcomes in results, both in body composition and overall health and wellness.”

Health and wellness coach Quad Cities, Iowa

In the video, she describes several products that she claims are her favorites. One of her favorite products is their kettlebell for exercise and workouts. And there are three nutritional products that are her favorites, which are Lean, Slim+ and DNA.

Lean is a product that was developed to fight against sarcopenia, which is a condition that results in loss of lean muscle mass. This condition is a result of the aging process where the body enters a catabolic state where it eats lean muscle. Lean has also been found to counteract sugar cravings and to help people burn more fat by increasing metabolism. Lean is available in the form of pills or a branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) drink mix. As a wellness coach, Pam Klim can help people understand how to use these nutritional products.

Slim+ is usually taken in combination with Lean and it is a nutritional formula designed to control hunger, manage weight, curb undesirable sugar cravings while providing the individual with enough power and energy for the day. Lean boosts thermogenesis, provides fuel for the body, and builds and maintains lean muscle.

And finallly, her fourth favored product is the DNA Bundle with Personalized Vitamins. This product provides a nutritional program for a particular individual based on his or her DNA.The product comes with a DNA kit where the individual has to register it and then collect a DNA sample and send it to the lab using a pre-paid envelope. After the lab receives the DNA sample in the form of swabs, the individual is provided with a customized Nutrition and Fitness Genetics Report to which personalized vitamins can be added depending on the individual's preference.

The report will include detailed and unique recommendations that can help the individual eat better, train better, and live better. Some of the topics covered by the report are: muscle performance, weight regain after dieting, aerobic potential, caffeine metabolism, and dopamine and food reward. The IDLife DNA report is the individual’s personalized owner’s manual on how his or her body responds to diet and exercise based on his or her unique gene profile and fitness.

For this particular product, IDLife has partnered with Molecular because they are a HIPAA Compliant and CAP accredited laboratory committed to keeping all of the data private and secure. UDLife will never sell the data and personal information to a third party.

The results provided in the Nutrition & Fitness Genetics Report are for informational purposes only, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and Molecular Testing
Labs™ is a CLIA and CAP accredited, state-of-the-art, esoteric laboratory. This allows the product to be available to consumers in all 50 states.

The results can help the individual better understand how his or her body might respond to certain diet choices and could help take the person’s fitness regimen to the next level. The report includes detailed and unique recommendations that can help the individual eat

Wnen in search of a health coach Quad Cities Iowa residents can check out the Fit & Fabulous Lifestyle with Pam Klim website, or contact her on the phone or through email.


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