Health & Fitness Trainer Pam Klim Is Recommending IDLife Nutrition Testing For Its Health Benefits

Health and fitness trainer Pam Klim is teaching how one can live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle by focusing on the areas of nutrition, fitness, supplementation, quality sleep, and stress management. Her training aims to lead her followers to optimal outcomes in results, both in body composition and overall health and wellness.

Pan Klim espouses the best ways to craft a perfect physique, educating as well as motivating her followers to achieve their ideal body through hard work and perseverance. Her videos cover a wide range of topics related to weight loss, nutrition, and fitness such as the 75-Hard program, a transformative mental toughness program, the 5 pillars of wellness, losing body fat, Healthy Habits, Nutrition & Fitness DNA, Intermittent Fasting, and many more.

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Pam is also very active on her social media pages, constantly engaging with her audience and striking up conversations, trying to understand the kind of help they need. She provides motivation to her followers by constantly reminding them about the importance of a fit and happy life through the use of motivational slogans, productivity mantras, and words meant to build up mental fortitude. She is constantly in touch with her fans and also regularly posts interviews with her followers who heeded her advice on their fitness journey in the hope that their stories will spur the rest of her audience into action.

When asked about her approach to self-help the Quad Cities health coach says, “When I look at the problems that people come to me with, my first reaction is to analyze them objectively to get to the source of the issue. There can be a lot of things that people are unhappy about that are merely the symptoms of a larger issue that is hidden beneath the surface. My goal is to break the mental barriers that stop people from achieving their dreams one layer at a time until they are strong enough mentally and physically to take on the challenges of their life with renewed enthusiasm and vigor. I only recommend tools and techniques that I am fully confident will have a great impact on your life. I 100% stand behind the products I recommend because I use them myself and have seen them do wonders in my own life. If you have been trying to turn your life around but have failed more times than you can count, give me chance to have an impact on your life. I am sure that you will come out at the other end of this journey, stronger and wiser, ready to live your life like you always wanted to.”

The health and fitness trainer recommends undergoing Nutrition & Fitness DNA Testing which allows one to get individually and personally designed vitamins through the IDLife platform. IDLife is a health and wellness company that provides scientifically backed supplement recommendations creating a fully customized vitamin program. Its products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free. The health assessment from IDLIfe is very comprehensive and is HIPAA compliant. It factors in any medications that are being currently used, any medical conditions that the person has, any toxins that the person may be exposed to in the home or workplace, genetics, family heredity, current lifestyle, and many more factors.

In a particular interview with Renee, who managed to lose 18 pounds with IDLife’s personalized nutrition, Renee says, “I had taken the generic women’s 1-a-day vitamins previously that usually ended up sitting in my stomach without offering any benefits. I wanted to identify the missing gaps in my nutrition that would work for my body. I did the DNA analysis with Pam and on the third day in, I felt amazing. My energy levels were through the roof. The vitamins were the only thing I was doing differently. You can do all the right things. You can eat all the fruits and vegetables every single day but if your body doesn’t react to the nutrients coming in properly, it is not going to do anything. The vitamins that the IDLife DNA Nutrition testing recommended worked for me perfectly.”


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