HDRG: Remote Working May Be What The Future Holds For Everyone

Irvine, California data recovery specialist Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG) is reaching out to the community to discuss how daily life may change in a post-COVID-19 world. Their views on this topic were shared in a recent blog post that can be read in full on the company’s website.

"The past few months have been remarkably difficult for everyone. While we are all waiting for this to be over, few of us have stopped to think about how things may never go back to normal," states Maureen Davies, a representative of Hard Drive Recovery Group. According to the local tech support specialists, this pandemic has stirred up new possibilities in several parts of everyday life. While not every change brought upon by COVID-19 is negative, weighing the impact that these changes will have in the future, both short and long term, is of remarkable importance.

Davies continues, "While we know that, currently, all that we have to do is to stay at home, the most remarkable changes to our everyday life are unlikely to go away in a post-COVID-19 world. The way we live has changed, perhaps forever, and while this is not necessarily a bad thing, thinking about how things may never be the same again is truly an extraordinary exercise. From automation to remote classrooms and offices, we are in for a treat after the pandemic ends, and while nothing is set in stone, we have put together a list of what we think will never be the same."

Hard Drive Recovery Group compiled a list of things most likely to change in the near future in another recent blog post. The most likely change, according to the local tech support specialists, will be the automation of everyday tasks.

Davies states, "Businesses will be under pressure to be liquid so as to stay afloat. Thus, costs will have to cut, particularly those that do not return profits. Employees who are not as productive as they should be will be cut off, automated procedures may need to be adapted and other employees may have to continue with remote work for businesses to save on operating costs. All signs point to the fact that the most simple jobs will be occupied by machines, overseen by people who can manage and keep an eye on several of these automated workers at the same time. Even in jobs that cannot be occupied by machines, we are more likely to see companies hiring remote workers, cutting down on costs significantly."

The areas that cannot have their costs reduced will be forced to take great leaps in the advancement of their respective technologies. Significant med-tech innovations and telemedicine are expected, as the government will most likely look for ways to prevent the overwhelming situation that hospitals and other medical facilities have had to deal with over recent months. This is where telemedicine and other remote medicinal services come in. Once the crisis recedes, remote health care will become the emerging default, if it is not already the default. Not only will telemedicine make everything cost-efficient to healthcare insurance providers and the patients themselves, doctors will also be able to provide their services to far more patients.

Online education is also very likely to continue increasing in popularity. This is already supported by the decline in student debt that has been observed recently, as students and their parents have demanded reimbursements for tuition and other fees because universities have opted to move classes online, an issue that is only likely to continue in the upcoming fall semester. Remote learning and its impending success will encourage more learners to go for this more affordable method since they can pursue the same education at a fraction of the cost. This will have a remarkably positive impact on the lives of most US residents, making superior education more accessible for everyone.

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