HDRG Publishes Informative Blog Post On Managing Documents

Irvine, California-based Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG) recently published a new blog post about managing documents while working at home. The article can be viewed on the company’s official website.

Most people have been in lockdown for several months and, at this point, have probably gotten used to the new norm of effectively working at home. However, many still miss all of the quirks and the perks of working from their office, such as free instant coffee, having noisy and nosy workmates and having important documents printed on command. However, with the help of modern technology, people can now have the advantages of working in an office while continuing to work at home. In fact, document management and workflow implements may be made available so that they can have an easier time with remote working. There are also some great and easily implementable practices that teams and individuals can use to develop systems for processing documents.

As noted in the blog post, document management can be made more seamless and effective by allowing team members to collaborate on documents as opposed to just letting them have access to the document itself. However, there should be an auditing tool for the purpose of recording the actions taken by all recipients of the documents. Other features that can be added include automated document creation, multiple tab views of the document and records of correspondence. In fact, Techgenix, a leading online IT resource, states, “Thanks to growing and emerging enterprise collaboration tools, working from home or any remote location can now be almost as productive and rewarding as working from the office. These remote work collaboration tools allow employees and companies to work together on professional projects and plans while not working under the same roof. They are meant to reduce the bottlenecks of communication gaps, feedback and approval processes and more. They also help drastically in core aspects such as communication, planning, project and task management as well as file and data sharing.”

Another action that can be taken for more effective document management, as advised by Hard Drive Recovery Group, is turning on annotations. There are collaborative platforms (such as OneDrive and Google Drive) that allow users to easily distribute documents to teammates and other involved parties. These platforms also allow recipients to review, download and edit documents. However, there are situations where people do not want other people to make changes to the documents but still want to know the other party’s thoughts. In these situations, turning on annotations can be extremely useful. Turning on annotations and comments allows other parties to give their thoughts and suggestions without making alterations to the documents in question. This is important as providing and receiving feedback are key principles of effective collaboration.

Teams can also make sure to get their electronic approvals arranged. Right now, most people from rank and file to management are working from home. This can make getting proper approvals for documents from higher-ups difficult. Using email trails is an option, but this is neither the most efficient nor the most audit-friendly method for giving and receiving approvals. This is why it is important to regulate requirements and rules for electronic signatures and utilize electronic signature software that complies with legal standards. This helps make giving and receiving electronic approvals as flawless as possible. Workamajig, a company that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to streamline their operations, explains, “Getting documents approved in a structured, timely fashion is one of the more understated challenges in project management. You might have everything lined up perfectly, but if a key stakeholder doesn’t give the ‘okay’ on schedule, things can go downhill quickly.”

Additionally, working from home presents the possibility of losing documents that are stored on people’s devices, which usually happens when hard drives are damaged. To combat this, Hard Drive Recovery Group is pleased to offer safe and secure hard drive data recovery for Mac and PC hard disk drives (using both software and clean room hands-on data retrieval techniques). They are dedicated to finding the most affordable and most efficient hard drive recovery services for their clients. They have almost 20 years of experience in data recovery, and they charge flat rates for their services. They also give accurate estimates to their clients before they provide their services. This means that clients will not be surprised at the cost of their services. Additionally, they do not charge a fee if they fail to recover the data.

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