Hawaii Probate Attorneys Offer Free Initial Consultations

Okura & Associates, Probate Attorneys based in Honolulu, Hawaii, are pleased to announce that they will now be offering free initial consultations to new clients. The firm is offering phone and web meetings with concern for the safety of their community but are also available for meetings at their office, as they are a State of Hawaii essential service provider.

The firm has taken the initiative to waive their consultation fee, keeping in mind that these are trying times, and this means that there will be no charge for the first meeting. The attorney assigned to the new clients will review the finances and family situation and provide a clear explanation of available options to the client. One will leave the appointment with a clear plan of action which includes how and when one would be able to expect the probate to be completed.

Ethan Okura, the Managing Attorney of the firm, states that, “We provide the highest quality of legal services, promptly and in a friendly, professional manner for a reasonable fee. Our clients feel important, cared for and well informed.” The firm offers the option of filling out a form or calling them directly so that their representatives will be able to get back to the client quickly in order to confirm the appointment as well as a date and time that is convenient. Learn more here: https://okuralaw.com

The firm provides a clear explanation of when probate is necessary on their official website, but they go on to explain that they aim to, “help our clients avoid probate. However, when a person dies without having done proper estate planning, a probate is often necessary. Probate is a court proceeding. The laws governing probate in Hawaii are Hawaii state laws. There are no federal probate laws. Probate in Hawaii is necessary when a person dies owning any real estate in his or her name alone, no matter how small the value of the real estate.” Probate is also necessary when the total value of all personal property owned in someone’s name is worth more than $100,000 on its own. Personal property will consist of any asset which is not real estate.

The firm points out that the law requires probate for a good reason. When a person has passed away, probate makes sure that the property is inherited by people who have a valid claim to it. The probate law also requires that a written notice be sent to the persons named in a will. A written notice must be sent to the persons who would have inherited if there had been no will as well. Each person will have the right to see the will, see what property was owned and make sure that said assets are divided fairly. In a probate, the court will appoint an individual, usually a spouse or a child (if any) as the ‘personal representative’. The appointed individual has the power to gather the assets of the estate, pay bills and distribute the property and assets according to the will. If there is no will, the assets will be divided according to the ‘law of intestacy.’ If there is any problem encountered during the probate, the courts will intervene to ensure fair division.

The Okura Firm handles probate cases on all of the Hawaiian Islands. Based on the large number of probate cases handled by the Probate Department, the firm can provide fairly good time and cost estimates. If the estate is simple, consisting perhaps of one parcel of real estate and one or two bank accounts, with active client assistance, the probate will usually cost between $3,500 and $6,000. Notably, complications will increase the cost. The length of time it takes to finish a probate case may range from 7-15 months, depending on the presence of complications and on how cooperative the personal representative and beneficiaries are. If a probate has been established in another state or in another country, an expedited proceeding can be used, which would cost less than a standard probate and also take less time, approximately within two or three months with full client compliance.

To learn more about the services offered, one may visit the Okura Firm’s website. For further inquiries one may call or email the firm directly as well.


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