Hawaii 4 K Relaxation Film the Latest Upload to the Destination Paradise YouTube Channel

Destination Paradise is a popular YouTube channel that posts a wide variety of high-resolution drone videos from exotic places all over the world. Their latest video is what they call their ‘Hawaii 4K Relaxation Film | Maui Drone Video’. It features drone footage of many beautiful places that can be found on several of the most popular Hawaiian Islands. What makes this video even better is the ambient and calming music that plays in the background while watching it. It makes for a very unique and relaxing video-watching experience. The video runs over 50 minutes long and is sure to become a favorite of those that have visited the islands that make up America’s 50th state or have it on their bucket list to go there.

Greg Webster, this YouTube Channels founder, says, “We here at Destination Paradise love what we do. Our mission is to put together high-resolution drone footage that’s shot in some amazing locations all over the world and then add some calming background music to this footage. It makes for both a pleasing and distraction-free visual experience. In the crazy world that we live in today, all of us can use a little downtime and a way to take our thoughts off of our problems. We sincerely hope our videos do that for those that watch them.”

Hawaii 4K

Some of the highlights of this YouTube channel's latest video endeavor include some stunning aerial shots of Na Pali coast, Kauai, Hawaii. Many think of it as one of the last untouched areas of Hawaii. It features everything from majestic mountains which slope down to the coast to beautiful gardens and pristine beaches. Some of the most breathtaking shots in this area were taken in hard-to-access areas of Waimea Canyon State Park. No Hawaii video would be complete without some footage of the iconic Waikiki beach area and this YouTube video has plenty of footage of it too. It’s not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The footage captures scenes of both the white sand beach area and the many hotels that provide a backdrop. There is also some video shot down near the Honolulu Zoo and the popular Diamond Head area which features a crater from a long-extinct volcano. Those who look closely can also see Hawaii’s largest city of Honolulu in the Waikiki Beach background which is home to over 300,000 people.

Other scenic areas that were captured in this newly posted Hawaii 4K Relaxation Film include a segment where footage of the popular Makapuu Point Lighthouse was taken. This lighthouse was built way back in 1909 on the big island of Oahu to help guide ships through one of the most dangerous areas to transit when going to Honolulu’s ports. Those that have visited there will recognize it because of its bright red metal roof and its location on an isolated coastal peak. This video segment includes shots of the somewhat rough trail that leads to it and the beautiful rocky cliffs that surround this historical lighthouse. As a bonus, there is also some great live footage of a parachute jump into a beautiful area of Oahu. The parachutist is filmed during almost the entirety of his descent and manages to hang in the air long enough to capture some great video of the beaches and rocky cliffs below. Webster added that those that like to look at out-of-the-way lighthouses, pristine beaches, crystal clear blue water, jungle-covered cliffs, majestic waterfalls, and virtually untouched landscapes will really be captivated by this latest Destination Paradise video.

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