Hard Drive Recovery Group Shares Insight On Working From Home

Hard Drive Recovery Group, an Irvine, California-based data restoration service, recently published a new blog post talking about working from home. With many people having to work from their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hard Drive Recovery Group has decided to offer tips that might help make their readers’ experiences with working from home more productive and less strenuous. Not being able to leave the house even for work has proven to be very difficult for some people but, done correctly, it can be just as safe, secure and productive as working at an office.

“We are in this together, and we are not sure of when this lockdown will be over, so we might as well make sure our remote work experience is maximized,” says the blog post. “So, how do we make the most of remote work to improve our experience, let our companies enjoy the fruits of our efforts and make the world economy suffer a little less? We have a few tips to offer that could make this remote work situation better for everyone.”

It is estimated that four billion people around the world are working from home due to lockdowns imposed by their governments around the world in response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus. This means that billions can no longer meet face-to-face, be it for social or business reasons. There are, however, multiple apps that allow video conferencing which, while not the same as meeting in real life, make communication a lot easier. Communicating through audio calls or emails and text messages can make it difficult to trust the other party when discussing business as it is nearly impossible to see and judge body language and facial expressions.

Certain software tools can make sending and receiving work files easier. As the blog post says, “If you casually ask someone working from home to send you a file, the first option they will most probably consider is send an email and attach the document to it. But then, sending a file through email may not exactly be the most efficient way of sharing files nowadays, considering that there are apps or programs that would allow you to share the file and more. Look around and share with the team apps and programs that make remote working a better collaborative experience.”

When working from home, it is generally to strike a balance between work and leisure. Being stuck at home can have negative effects on one’s emotional state, but it is important to remain positive during meetings and virtual team gatherings. This can improve the moods of one’s co-workers and improve the overall working experience. It is also important to separate work from leisure as well. Working from home does not imply an increase in working hours, and the blog past advises that workers make it clear when they are on and when they are off the clock.

Hard Drive Recovery Group has a number of services that can help one recover lost documents or manage data. The company provides safe and secure hard drive recovery from Mac and PC hard disk drives using both software and clean room hands-on data retrieval. Every day, the company recovers thousands of megabytes of data for individuals and companies across North America.

A number of clients have great reviews of the data recovery service. One client, T. Chalmers, shares, “On behalf of everyone here, I want to give my utmost thanks for saving our database. While we can't say much about our IT services company (who really dropped the ball here), I have nothing but good things to say about you guys. Without Hard Drive Recovery Group, we would have been in a really brutal situation. I also appreciate the service I received, as you guys kept me notified of the progress every single step of the way. Now that you helped us put a new backup plan in place (and a new IT provider), I feel like we're on very steady ground."

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