Hard Drive Recovery Associates Publishes Article on How to Recover Emails

Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a company based in Irvine, California, has announced that they have recently published a new blog post on how to get back an email that was just sent, because it might ruin the sender’s reputation. Email users sometimes send an important email too early, only to realize a few milliseconds later that there are some typos or grammatical errors. This can damage the reputation of the email sender but there is one solution, especially if the recipients have not yet opened their emails. The article discusses how this can be done with the commonly used email services like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.

Jack Edwards, a spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, explains, “It is indeed a nightmare that many email users have experienced at least once in their online lives. You click on send for an important email and milliseconds later see in terror as you spot one, two, three typos and two grammatical lapses. Worse, you hit Reply All, which has everyone at work the recipient of your email.”

He continues, “Undoing your accident may be a lot of work for you, considering your reputation has already taken a dive. However, all is not lost as there still may be one solution for you, particularly if not everyone has opened their emails to marvel at your travesty of an email: You may recall it. A lot of email clients actually have this feature. Our new blog post discusses this option in the three most popular email service providers.”

For Gmail, there is the Undo Send feature, which is on by default. After sending an email, it will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen, allowing the user to View or Undo the message. The Undo Send feature will bring back the email to the drafts section.

For Microsoft Outlook, which is the most popular email service in companies and office because of its seamless integration with other Microsoft products, especially MS Office, also allows users to easily recall an email, although previously this was difficult in the older versions. The latest versions of Outlook allow email recall but there are a number of requirements. For the email recall feature to work, both the user and the recipient must have an Exchange server email account and use Outlook as email client. Also, the recipient’s mail box should be open when the recall attempt is made. Also, the original Outlook message must not have been read and is still in the recipient’s inbox. And finally, the message should not be affected by any process, including a spam filter, add-in, or a rule.

For Yahoo Mail, the last major update that has to do with recalling emails was provided in 2016. Meanwhile, a new update has been released last weekend to allow the ability to unsend an email for its mobile apps.

Meanwhile, Hard Drive Recovery Associates is a company that offers help to individuals and businesses when there is a hard drive or even SSD failure. What makes their service stand out from the crowd is that even if a computer repair shop or data recovery service provider has declared that the data on the hard drive is no longer recoverable, they may still be able to find a way to recover the data safely and effectively. And this is risk free for the customer because they offer the guarantee that there will be no charge if no data is recovered.

The hard drive recovery service is not just for computer hard drives. They also offer data recovery services for external drives and laptop hard drives, servers and RAID data, and Mac hard drives. They also offer data recovery services for smartphones and other mobile gadgets.

Those who are interested in the hard drive recovery services being offered by Hard Drive Recovery Associates may want to visit their website, or contact them through the telephone, or via email. They are open 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.


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