Hard Drive Recovery Associates Discusses How The Best PC Cleaner Can Be Found

Irvine, California based Hard Drive Recovery Associates published a new blog post on their website: Finding The Best PC Cleaner. The company wishes to encourage the community to learn more about the benefits of using a PC Cleaner and also provides information on how they may select the best free cleaner for their needs.

As the blog post states, “If you’re the type of laptop user who is quite particular about the cleanliness of your device both outside and inside, you would definitely be familiar with PC or computer ‘cleaners.’” PC cleaners are programs which are meant to allow a user to remove unnecessary files, documents or programs that are consuming too much space or (in worst case scenarios) pose a security risk to the PC or laptop. Most people will have searched online for PC cleaners that they intend to use on their PC, and the company states it is natural that they would hope to come across a free piece of software that would allow them to clean their laptop. As the blog post points out, however, the unfortunate truth is that most will find computer cleaning providers which are not free of charge.

Most PC or registry cleaning programs will allow a user to download the program, but will require payment in order upon installation to actually use the software and benefit from its cleaning services. The post points out that this ‘bait and switch’ tactic is unfortunately common among PC cleaning software producers. Fortunately, there are several good tools that promise to actually provide cleaning services to remove space consuming or hazardous files from a device.

There are plenty of providers which allow free downloads of their programs but later ask for payment when users begin using the software. There are also programs which give the user a trial period, which can range from 1 week to 3 months, which allows use of the software for a limited time before requiring payment to continue. Yet others will provide free versions of their software at the beginning, but with very limited functions and tools which rarely offer a significant benefit to the user. The post also cautions that if a user is set on using only free products, they must read the fine print thoroughly before downloading. Ideally, they should make sure that they are not going to be relying on trialware, for-pay versions, shareware, or programs which require a product key which must be purchased.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates also advises the community to check carefully to see if there are any hidden costs. Some tools offer a paid version as well as a free version. It is also recommended to check reviews for positive as well as negative reactions by previous users. Users should also look into the specific features that the tool is offering for free. This will help them gain a better understanding if the program is suitable for their needs.

Though there are many free antivirus programs, their features may not be strong enough to provide adequate protection. Fortunately, many excellent antivirus programs are available at affordable prices (and with money-back guarantees), which allows a user to purchase the product, check/clean a device and then return the product before the money-back guarantee period is over.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has worked with the community to restore lost or damaged data for over 15 years. This means that the company’s technicians have come across almost every possible situation when it comes to data loss situations, including fire or flood damage or a dropped laptop or a corrupted external drive. No matter what the scenario at hand, the company will assess each situation to find a solution. As the company states, “We take pride in the fact that our data recovery rate is around 98%, which means if you contact us with a hard drive failure problem, we guarantee you that we can recover your data — or there is no charge. We feel confident that we can make this guarantee because 20% of our business comes from people referred to us by other companies in our industry.”

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