Hamilton Roofing Company Receives Glowing Review for Its Leak Prevention Services

Straight Arrow Roofing is a roofing contractor that’s best known for its whole roof replacement work as they have received many 5-star reviews for this service. That is not by any means the only type of roofing service that this Brantford, Ontario-based roofer does that receives glowing reviews. They have also proven to be experts when it comes to finding and resolving roof leaks. A review that they have received on their Google My Business listing attests to this fact.

In the above-mentioned review, T Siek stated, “Contacted these guys to do some repairs to our flashing. They were courteous, took the time to explain what they’d be doing, completed the job quickly, and took time to properly tidy up after the job. We would highly recommend them and intend to contact them for future projects around the house!"

The company not only has received 5-star reviews for their leak repair services but many customers have noted their prowess when it comes to detecting leaks too. Janice O'Neil wrote, “Joel, from Straight Arrow Roofing, is personable and professional. He knows his stuff about roofing and took photos during his inspection to show us what work needed to be done and why. His crew came exactly when they said they would and worked for 12 hours to get the work done and the property cleaned up. The next day even a second cleanup was performed. The roof looks fantastic and best of all, no more leaking into the living room ceiling! Thanks to Joel and his Straight Arrow Crew!” This Straight Arrow Roofing customer review was also taken from their Google My Business listing.

The owner of Straight Arrow Roofing, Joel Guerra, says, “Some of the hardest jobs that we do involve roof leaks. At times, it takes all of the roofing experience that we bring to a job to find a somewhat hidden roof leak and then resolve it. This is something that we have perfected into an art form. We also know how important repairing roof leaks right away is because even a small one can cause thousands of dollars of structural damage to a home and ruin some of its contents.”

Guerra went on to talk about some of the warning signs that may necessitate someone in Hamilton, Ontario, and the surrounding areas to call them to get a roof leak inspection and subsequent repair. One of the most common of which is brown or other discolored stains that suddenly appear on ceilings and walls. He stated someone may also note that their attic or other areas of their home may develop a strong musty or moldy type of odor. It was also mentioned that finding large amounts of shingle debris in gutters and at the end of downspouts may indicate that those shingles may no longer be useful in keeping a home watertight. Shingles, leak-preventing flashing, and pipe boots found laying in the yard can also be a sign of possible roof leaks.

The company owner reminded that most roof leaks leave subtle signs they are there as opposed to being associated with buckets of water gushing down through a ceiling. Many times, it takes expert roofing knowledge to find the source of these leaks. He also mentioned that leaks are nothing to put-off getting repaired so it’s best to get a professional opinion from a trusted company like them if a homeowner feels that they have a leaking problem. This is a free service that Straight Arrow Roofing offers, so it is well worth taking the time to make the call. Guerra says they will check all areas of a roof for leaks during an inspection and keep a lookout for other roof problems that may exist at the same time.

The owner of this Hamilton roofing company welcomes any homeowner in the Brant region of Ontario and nearby areas that feels they have a roof leak, to call them, send an email, or fill out the ‘Contact Us Today’ form that’s found on their website’s homepage. He also mentioned that in addition to roof replacements and leak detection & repair, they also offer siding repair & installations, gutter & downspout services, skylight installation & repairs, and more.


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