Hamilton Roof Repair Company Gets Another Five-Star Review

Straight Arrow Roofing, a company based in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, is proud to announce that they have received another five-star review. They have been providing quality roofing service to clients in the Brant Region and nearby areas for the past 10 years, earning the reputation of being a roofing expert. In the mentioned customer review, the customer expressed her satisfaction with the roof replacement the company had provided for her shingled roof and her gable flat roof.

Straight Arrow Roofing was established by Joel Guerra, who started by using his own truck to carry the various materials for a roofing job. Nevertheless, Joel Guerra is proud to point out that even if the company has such a humble beginning, the expertise of his staff and the commitment of the founder made an indelible mark in the industry, making the company known as a roofing expert. After five years, the company is different from the original company, At present, they are well-established and are able to provide their services to a bigger market.

In the Straight Arrow Roofing customer review, Denise R. gave them five stars and said, “If I could I would give Straight Arrow Roofing Company 10 stars. They replaced my shingled roof as well as my gable flat roof. This company is 'The Gold Standard' of roofing. Joel is educated and very knowledgeable about roofing systems. He is able to point out potential problems in a roof’s structure to his customers before they happen. I’m impressed with his crew and their workmanship and attention to detail. They looked professional in their black hoodies displaying the company logo. It’s impressive to see roofing companies evolve and use the latest computer technology to measure the pitch of the roof, and take before and after photos to assist the customer. Up until now I never thought I would hear of a 40-50 year roof. Shingled roofs have come a long way. Thank you Straight Arrow.”

Straight Arrow Roofing offers various kinds of services. These include residential roofing services, roof repair, siding installation and repair, services for eavestroughs and gutters, attic insulation service, flat roofing services, skylight installation and repairs, and roof maintenance.

Their service area includes Brantford, Hamilton, and Cambridge. They can provide roof repair, restoration, and maintenance. A lot of people believe that it is time to change the roof of their house when they discover that their roof is leaking. The problem is that leaks can actually be due to a number of factors. They recommend that homeowners and other property owners look for a number of signs that may indicate the roof needs to be replaced. These include a roof that is more than 20 years old; obvious damages to the roof; missing shingles and other problems in the valleys; shingles starting to fold and twist; chimney flashings that are filled with tar or roof cement; and gutters filled with shingle granules.

They can offer roof replacements, roof inspections, chimney services, gutter installation and repairs, roof cleaning, soffits and fascias, flat roofing, roof attic insulation, and siding installation and repairs.

Siding installation and repair are also vital. They can update a home’s siding and make sure that the home’s exterior looks great. Straight Arrow Roofing is a siding installation provider that can replace a current siding with products with an EnergyStar, making the property not just appear stunning but also making it energy-efficient, as well as maintenance-free.

For homes where the siding is starting to falling apart, Straight Arrow Roofing professionals can offer their help. Regardless of what shape the siding is in, they can provide the necessary siding service to make the house look stunning again. With high-quality materials, the home will become more energy-efficient. They can also replace the old trim with the latest PVC vinyl wood or wrap the existing wood with vinyl-painted aluminum trim to provide a maintenance-free exterior.

Those who are looking for Hamilton roof repair can visit the Straight Arrow Roofing website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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