Hackensack Sexual Assault Attorney Adam M. Lustberg Discuss the Penalties of Aggravated Sexual Assault

Hackensack sexual assault attorney Adam M. Lustberg releases a new article (https://www.lustberglaw.com/sex-crimes/sexual-assault-attorney/) explaining the penalties of aggravated sexual assault in New Jersey. The lawyer mentions that with sex crimes and accusations of rape on the rise, New Jersey law enforcement is on high alert. Even before a conviction, when a person is charged with sexual assault, their life may be turned upside down.

“The damage could be irreparable even if you are ultimately found not guilty. Moreover, if convicted of a sex crime, you may face a long sentence followed by stringent periods of closely supervised probation,” says the Hackensack sexual assault attorney.

Hackensack sexual assault attorney

The lawyer explains that sexual assault is one of the most challenging crimes to defend. A lawyer handling a sexual assault defense must be compassionate and skillful to ensure that their client is getting the best defense strategy for their case. If an individual is going to a trial, the lawyer must be able to properly interview witnesses, ask the right questions, and proceed logically based on the evidence or the lack thereof.

Attorney Adam M. Lustberg says that under Megan’s Law, aggravated sexual assault is a first-degree crime punishable by up to 20 years of incarceration and lifetime supervision. Under the New Jersey criminal law, there are six categories that constitute aggravated sexual assault.

In the article, the lawyer says that there are circumstances where a person may be found guilty of aggravated sexual assault. These circumstances include: if the victim is less than 13 years old; if the victim is at least 13 but under 16 years old and the actor is related to the victim by blood; or if the actor has supervisory or disciplinary power over the victim.

According to attorney Adam Lustberg, “All categories of aggravated sexual assault are considered first-degree crimes because of the severity of the alleged victim’s harm. The laws and circumstances surrounding aggravated sexual assault are detailed and complex.”

Lastly, attorney Lustberg emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when facing charges of aggravated sexual assault. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant protect their rights and their freedom.

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