Hackensack Expungement Attorney Discusses How an Attorney Can Help Expunge Arrests and Convictions

Hackensack, NJ: Adam Lustberg, a Hackensack expungement attorney, and the founder of Lustberg Law Offices, LLC discuss how he can help to remove arrests and convictions from one's record.

The expungement attorney specifically discusses: "It is possible for those with arrest records or past convictions to have their cases expunged so that they are not visible on background checks."

Hackensack expungement attorney

Everybody makes mistakes. However, when those mistakes land on a criminal history that is visible to the public, it can severely and permanently affect one’s life. A person can have their record expunged if they have paid their debts and maintained a clean slate since their prior conviction.

This is important and should be considered because even though a person has made a good living and is a productive and law-abiding citizen, anyone with access to their criminal record can find it. Even if their NJ arrest record was cleared or they were not found guilty, it is still possible to access.

As observed by many, a conviction for a crime such as illegal handgun ownership, can impact a person’s job prospects, prohibit them from renting or purchasing a New Jersey house, and prevent them from receiving certain professional licenses.

To determine if a person is eligible for record expungement, it is necessary to examine their unique criminal history. Some cases are eligible for expungement immediately, such as arrests that did not result in a conviction and certain special probation programs like drug court.

A person may also be eligible for record expungement if they have been convicted of a summary offense but have not been convicted of any additional offenses or arrested within a specific time period. Many juvenile convictions could also be eligible for expungement.

Indictable convictions are those where the sentence and probation periods were completed before an exoneration application can be made. This ranges from two to ten years. Although anyone can file an expungement request themselves, it can be difficult if they aren't familiar with the process.

For an application to be approved, there are many requirements and technical details that a person must meet. If the expungement petition is denied by the prosecutor's office, they may need to start over. The process can be made more difficult if it is resisted by the prosecutor or law enforcement.

The nature of the crime determines the length and duration of the waiting period. These conditions must have been met if a person was sentenced or ordered to community service, probation, classes, courses, or a fine. Additionally, one must have served a minimum amount of time since their conviction, which could vary from a few weeks to many years.

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