Greensboro Bail Bonds Company Highlights International Gold Award for State Website

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Greensboro, Ala. – Alabama Bail Bonds is delighted to highlight the Alabama Professional Bail Bonding Board Website winning an international gold award. The Greensboro bail bonds company is pleased to share that the award was presented by Marcom Awards Competition. The Marcom Awards Competition aims to recognize the significant accomplishments of marketing and communications professionals.

 This website was designed by NIC Alabama in order to prioritize improvements in content organization and ease-of-use. The website is equipped with strategically placed featured items and various visual tools dedicated to reducing the number of clicks needed for any user and improving the overall user experience. The homepage is the main section of the site with an interchangeable image featuring a large font with text. Separately, the homepage features a section of frequently asked questions related to licensure. A sitewide search link is also available to help users quickly find pertinent information.

The Marcom Award has evolved into one of the largest, most-creative competitions for communication and marketing professionals in the world, beginning in 2004. Each year about 6,000 print and digital entries are submitted from dozens of countries. Marcom is administered by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP). The competition awards top items in a variety of marketing and communications areas, including advertising, direct mail, employee publication, photography, and more.

The NIC Alabama is an official digital government solutions provider for the state of Alabama, along with various other state governments. The company is dedicated to helping serve the public effectively. NIC helps ensures that governments are accessible 24 hours a day to those who need to most. 

Alabama Bail Bonds is thrilled to celebrate this tremendous accomplishment with the Alabama Professional Bail Bonds team. Accomplishments such as this help the entire bail bond industry continue to thrive. Alabama Bail Bonds provides misdemeanor and felony bonding services to clients in Hale County and the surrounding areas. The bail bonds company offers 24/7 bail bonds, student bonds, and payment arrangements. For more information on Alabama Bail Bonds, or to obtain their services, call (205) 454-0076 or visit online at 


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