Green Planet Hauling Offers 10% Off Online Booking

Green Planet Hauling

Green Planet Hauling, an Orange County, CA based waste removal company, is offering a 10% discount on all online bookings. With spring cleaning season upon us, Green Planet Hauling is ready to help you by offering a big discount for those who make their booking directly through their website. They also offer Free Quotes, and a starting base price of $99, the lowest in the Orange County area. Their site can be found here:

The Orange County waste management service handles everything except hazardous waste. “Keeping premises clutter-free isn’t always easy,” says Green Planet Hauling. “Over time, our homes or businesses tend to accumulate old or broken items — be it in the attic, basement, yard or living spaces, and this can become a nuisance before you know it. Thankfully, Green Planet Hauling is here to make things easier. We are a team of friendly and punctual professionals. Once you have booked an appointment, we will arrive at the premises on time to collect and remove all clutter from the property. We specialize in clearing unwanted junk in a stress-free, quick and professional manner.”

The company offers a number of services, such as construction waste cleanup. Both professional contractors and weekend warriors with DIY home projects create a lot of waste and debris which needs to be taken care of by a professional once the job is complete. Green Planet Hauling’s on-demand construction cleanup services help remove all types of waste including scrap metal, glass, concrete, roof tiles and shingles, wooden planks and more. Green Planet Hauling is licensed, insured, and brings years of experience in effectively handling all the various types of waste construction or remodeling jobs create. It should also be noted that the Green Planet Hauling team is committed to preserving the environment as well. All waste collected is responsibly disposed of and not simply dumped in landfill sites. Scrap material is taken to the designated recycling centers.

Aside from commercial cleanup, we also handle residential junk removal. “We believe in going the extra mile to facilitate customers’ needs and take precautions to ensure their safety and comfort,” the waste management company says. "Our crew is trained to remove all types of residential junk, and we take pride in what we do. From trash hauling to old carpet removal, yard debris collection, green waste and miscellaneous items, there is no job we can’t do. We also handle e-waste disposal of used or damaged computers, printers, scanners, displays and other electronic devices. Our services ensure your electronics are safely recycled, up cycled or donated.”

Letting go of clutter can be very difficult but Green Planet Hauling understands, as do many of their customers, the dangers that hoarding poses. Hoarding impacts both the hoarder and the people around them quite seriously. The Green Planet team has a great deal of experience with helping people sort through and discard the things they no longer need. They know how to help homeowners clear up space and get rid of all the junk they might otherwise struggle to part with.

Heavy junk and items can be very difficult to dispose of without the right tools. Fortunately, Green Planet Hauling has the experience and equipment needed to dispose of large items, like heavy furniture. Large piles of unwanted items can very easily ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home or place of business. The company safely disposes of junk and donates any items that are still in good condition. They do all this while also making sure to avoid causing damage to the property.

“Green Planet Hauling is a reliable name in the industry, and we have been serving our customers in the Orange County area for over two decades. No job is too big or too small. Call us to schedule service, or you can easily book an appointment via our online booking form and receive 10% off your job. We believe in honesty and integrity in the services we provide. Get rid of the junk today and keep your life clutter free.”

Get in contact with Green Planet Hauling through Facebook at Complete details can be found on the company’s official website or by calling (888) 899-9368.


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Green Planet Hauling