Green Bomber Jacket Canada - Frank And Oak Men's New Quilted Waterproof Collection Launch

Montreal, Quebec -

Sustainable fashion brand Frank And Oak, has launched the Skyline reversible bomber jacket collection for men. The rosin (green) color variant of the Skyline reversible bomber jacket can be viewed by heading over to the link:

The jacket is available in a range of sizes matching most body types including XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The jacket is available in 4 colors – black, rosin, dark blue, and brown. The jacket is built using sustainable methods as it fits with the company’s core mission. The jacket is built using recycled polyester sourced from discarded materials. The lining of the jacket is also made from recycled fibers. The Thermore® insulation used to keep the wearer warm is made from 100% recycled fibers from PET post-consumer bottles. Even the tiniest details on the jacket such as the labels and zipper tapes are made from recycled polyester. The NATULON® zipper tapes on the jacket are made from recycled material (including PBT, PET, and POM) using a chemical process that facilitates further recycling.

green bomber jacket men

A spokesperson for the company talks about the construction of the jacket and its dedication to the environment by saying, “The fabric, lining, and insulation used for the jacket is composed of yarns made from discarded plastic, mainly plastic bottles. The production of the jacket, therefore, alleviates some of the environmental damage that rampant consumerism wreaks on the planet. Every jacket removes a certain amount of waste plastic from the ecosystem, ensuring that it won’t fester and pollute nature for several hundred years. This dedication towards a sustainable product development strategy is baked into Frank And Oak’s mission statement to create an apparel brand that would speak to a new generation of creatives and entrepreneurs.

As previously announced, the quilted bomber jacket has been designed with a ton of comfort and quality of life features in mind that not only increase its utility but also increase its stylish appeal. The jacket is fully reversible which means that it can be worn inside-out or outside-in, dramatically changing its look based on what the wearer is going for at the moment. The jacket is also built to be water-resistant. It is crafted from a dense fabric that resists the penetration of water to some degree. The jacket also offers a fair bit of wind resistance and the wearer will stay durably sheltered from the wind. The jacket has also been designed to be easy to maintain as it is machine washable which means that it can be washed in a washing machine without being damaged.

One of the reviews for the Skyline reversible bomber jacket from the store page on the company’s website says, “Fantastic daily driver, love that I can snap it into my raincoat on those cold shoulder season rainy days.” Another review by a verified buyer says, “Right decision to get my hands into one of these. My wife loved it too which is a huge plus point! The fabric is really warm and the jacket looks great when I wear it. Very happy with Frank and Oak products!” A short and succinct review that rated the jacket at 5-stars for quality and mentioned that the fit was just right, says, “Fantastic jacket. Comfortable, stylish, and warm.” Readers interested in the Skyline reversible bomber jacket in the dark blue color can view one by heading over to the link:

The company offers a free and easy return policy. The buyer has 15 days from the date that their order is shipped to request a prepaid return shipping label online. The company ships orders over $75 to Canadian and American addresses in 3 to 5 days free of charge. It charges $10 standard 3 to 5-day shipping for orders below $75 and $20 for express 2 to 4-day shipping to Canadian addresses. The same is available for American addresses with standard shipping charges for orders below $75 being $15 and express shipping charges being $25 respectively.


For more information about Frank And Oak, contact the company here:

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