Greece 4 K Relaxing Scenic Drone Film a Recent Addition to the Destination Paradise YouTube Channel

Destination Paradise is a YouTube channel that posts inspirational and scenic landscape videos almost every week. One of this channel’s latest video posts is titled the ‘Greece 4K Relaxing Scenic Drone Film’. It features drone footage that is very stunning because of the way it captures breathtaking Greek scenery in ultra-high-quality resolution. This new drone film does not tease the channel’s audience with just a few minutes of tantalizing destinations either as it runs over 100 minutes in length. Destination Paradise posted this video on March 18 of this year and gave credit for most of the footage to Viktor Posnov. They are considered to be relaxing type videos not only because of the pleasing video content but also due to the calming music that is played in the background of them.

Channel host and video creator Greg Webster says, “I absolutely love what I do. I get to post high-resolution drone videos that are shot in exotic locations around the world that are meant for nothing but pure enjoyment and relaxation. I think this no-strings-attached approach to the videos I post on YouTube is what’s helping my channel quickly rise in popularity. I hope this latest drone video of mine takes your breath away and leaves you blown away just as it did to me when I was putting the final touches on it. It would be even better if it takes your mind away from your worries and concerns for a few minutes and helps you end your day with a smile. You can expect me to continue putting in the effort it takes to produce these weekly videos because it’s a labor of love and I sincerely hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them.”

Greece 4K

Webster continued by saying that when Posnov was filming in Greece, he went out of his way to do a well-rounded representation of the country. He did that by trying to take drone video of both the well-known tourist attractions in the country and some of the hidden gems that this drone photographer hopes will inspire the people that visit Greece to try and get to them. Evidence of this approach can be seen right away as one of the first video teases in the Greece 4 K Relaxing Scenic Drone Film is the Parthenon. This is not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, but it’s also one of the most well-known. It’s a temple that’s dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena and can trace its roots all of the ways back to 447 BC. A whopping 7.2 million tourists take in the sites of this popular attraction each year. Shortly after that, the more out-of-the-way but mesmerizing island of Zakynthos and its pristine blue water and amazing seaside rocky cliffs were on full display.

Other ruins that are featured in this dramatic high-resolution drone video include the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus at Nemea, and those at Mount Olympus. The channel’s host went on to state that this newly created video features much more than just ruins too. Those who watch it will also get glimpses of such popular and lesser-known beaches as Monemvaisa Beach, Voidokilia beach, and others on the Thessaly coast. Other beautiful scenery that found its way into the drone footage includes the Cliffs near Kipoula & Neo Itilo, Crete, and Vikos Gorge. He pointed out that among the most extraordinary places that were captured in this new video are Tenaro Lighthouse and Poros. The lighthouse itself sits on a hiking-worthy peninsular area of land and the small coastal city consists mostly of older vintage-style homes that are built into a scenic rocky and hilly area. This area’s coastline also boasts having incredibly clear crystal blue water.

Webster mentioned that he is already working hard on the next video although he preferred to keep the destination a surprise. Those that like this video creator’s work can also visit his Facebook and Twitter pages. Other popular relaxation videos that he has posted include ones shot in the British Isles, Sardinia, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, and many other premier travel destinations.


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