Great Land Investments Helps People Find Colorado Land for Sale

Great Land Investments is pleased to announce that they can help people who are interested in acquiring land in Colorado. They are advising people interested in Colorado land to familiarize themselves first about land market value in the state. As of 2017, the typical value of land in Colorado was $4,100 per acre. Meanwhile, it is important to know that the price of Colorado land has dropped substantially in a matter of months recently due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This is because over 32.9 percent of landowners are interested in selling their land as quickly as possible. This represents a great opportunity for people who want to invest in land in Colorado.

It is vital to check a number of things about a particular piece of land, including the water system, electric power supply, Internet connectivity, road communications, and other facilities desired before buying. And aside from the market value of vacant land in Colorado, it is also important to know how high property taxes can be in the state for uninhabited land. For instance, the tax for vacant land is higher compared to the tax for land with buildings. Currently, the tax rate for uninhabited land and non-residential residential property is 29 percent of the overall value of the land. Fortunately, this rate will decline substantially once any building or construction is placed on the residential or commercial property. Colorado is one of the states that have the most affordable home tax rates throughout the United States.

Those who are considering the possibility of buying land in Colorado may want to check the various things that can be enjoyed in the area. For instance, there are various parks, such as the Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Mesa Verde National Park, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, and more. There are also hot springs like the Desert Reef Hot Springs, Penny Hot Springs, Valley View Hot Springs, and more. And Colorado is a great place for those who love to hunt.

Great Land Investments has a number of choices of vacant land for sale in Colorado. These include: 4.47 acres in San Luis, 6.87 acres also in Lita Kean Rd, 5 acres also in Cherokee Dr, San Luis, 5.56 acres in Uno Way, San Luis, 5.56 acres in Jasper Dr, San Luis, 10 acres in Rd G, San Luis, and more.

Great Land Investments has three tips for those who are looking to buy land in Colorado. First of all, they need to know the market. Second, they need to carefully examine the location of the property. It should be a location that fits their preferences. For instance, if they love going on long walks, they might want a location with various hiking trails. Of course, it is also essential to determine the affordability of the land at that particular location, including its potential for growth. Making sure that there is a possibility for new developments in the area in the near future can ensure that the property is a great investment. And finally, it is advisable to trust the real estate agent. A good agent is very familiar with the area and will encourage the buyer to ask any questions so that the specific needs of the buyer can be met.

Great Land Investments is also ready to help those who want to sell their land in Colorado, including those who want to sell as quickly as possible. Jason Rusk, general manager at Great Land Investments, says, “If you want to sell your land fast, we can do that for you. Just fill out the online form that is available on our site and we’ll find out if we can help you. We have property investment professionals in our team who can help you make informed decisions when selling your land. We can expect to sell the land for you easily because there are many potential buyers.”

Those who are interested in buying or selling Colorado land may want to check out the Great Land Investments website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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