Grant Pearcy Fencing Seeing Large Increase In Demand For Storm Damaged Fences

Grant Pearcy Fencing a Bristol based Fencing contractor, are well known in their local area for being very responsive when one of their customers calls them for fence repairs, especially for emergency help after a strong storm passes by.

A company spokesperson announced, “We have seen a large increase in demand for the first quarter of 2021 for storm damaged fencing, Bristol is very well known for having extremely strong winds, so far we have seen over 50% more calls than we would normally expect for this time of year.”

The South West of England is the second most exposed area of the country and the region has very strong winds due to the deep depressions across or close to the British Isles. In march this year the Met office issued a weather warning as the area was again battered with 65mph winds.

“I have been working on fences in Bristol for over 30 years,” commented Grant, the owner and lead contractor for the company. “We are used to the wind and a large portion of our work is fence repairs, but I have been shocked at the amount we have called out to this year, it is definitely a marked increase. I can’t really comment as to why it seems we are getting more storms, but the good news is everyone can help to minimise the damage that any weather can cause.”

“Preventing damage seems to be the best course of action in order to help keep your fence in good condition so it can withstand winter weather,” A company spokesman said. “It is a good idea to regularly maintain your fence, this can include treating your fencing with wood preserver, cleaning the wood to keep free from mould, paining or staining your fence to prevent the wood from rooting, keeping on top of small repairs that might be required. If you keep your fence in good condition it will be much more able to withstand windy gusts and will save you a lot of money in the long run.”

Those interested can find more information on the company website Grant Pearcy Fencing, or can call to find out about repairs or fence maintenance directly on 07988 733 972. The company opening times are Mon-Fri 8am-6pm and 9am-4pm on weekends.


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