GoodPooch Celebrates National Train Your Dog Month

January 2021 is National Train Your Dog Month. Created by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) in 2010, National Train Your Dog Month is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of socializing and training dogs—with an emphasis on how training dogs can be both easy, fun, and rewarding for both humans and canines alike.

The month of January was chosen because many dogs are adopted during the winter holidays and raising awareness about the importance of training a puppy or dog helps new dog owners start their relationship on the right foot.

White Golden Retriever

“Many dogs who do not receive training and socialization sadly end up in kill shelters,” said Steve Miller, owner of GoodPooch. “As an organization that advocates for keeping dogs out of shelters, GoodPooch felt that celebrating the importance of training dogs was a good fit.”

One of the ways that GoodPooch helps dog owners is by providing information on various dog breeds. For example, the Cane Corso is a breed that requires intense exercise and activities that stimulate its innate intelligence. However, if Cane Corsos are not trained or raised properly, they can become assertive, forceful, or dominating.

“All dogs can benefit from proper training and socialization,” said Miller. “Ideally, training and socialization should begin with puppy classes that focus on giving a puppy the opportunity to socialize with other puppies, people, and new environments. However, no dog is ever too old to be trained, and training is the most important thing that keeps a dog in its forever home.”

Training a dog can take many forms—from attending group classes to working with a professional dog trainer one-on-one. The APDT provides a collection of helpful training videos, recommendations for books and DVDs for pet owners, and a directory of professional trainers. From crate training to puppy socialization to teaching dogs how to refrain from unwanted behaviors like barking and chewing, the APDT offers a wide array of resources for dog owners.

According to the ADPT, training should not be confined to classes. Ongoing “real life” training is the key to having a well-mannered dog. This means continually reinforcing and practicing wanted behaviors during everyday life. Ways to do this include taking a dog on regular outings, routinely practicing behaviors such as sitting and staying, and being consistent with verbal and behavioral cues.

Many dog owners also enjoy participating in competitive events that focus on dog socialization and training. Some examples are Rally Obedience (which involves navigating a course that asks dogs to respond to specific commands) and events focused on agility, obedience, and herding. There are also specific events for various breeds of dogs, such as the Earth Dog and Go To Ground events (designed for small terriers and Dachshunds) and lure coursing (which is designed for breeds such as Whippets, Greyhounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Salukis, and more). There are even events for Retrievers, Pointing breeds, Spaniels, and Hounds.

GoodPooch provides reputable and well-researched breed and health information to dog owners across the country. Although the bulk of the site’s content focuses on these topics, the site also has monthly contests where dog owners can share photos of their canine friends.


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