GoodPooch Celebrates National Dog House Repair Month

July 2021 is National Dog House Repair Month. During the month, dog owners are encouraged to inspect any dog houses they may have and complete needed repairs. If a dog owner does not have a dog house for their canine companion, then July is an excellent time to consider purchasing or building one.

“Dog houses are meant to provide a safe and comfortable place for dogs while they spend time outside,” said Steve Miller, owner of GoodPooch. “However, dog houses are not meant as a permanent place for a dog to spend all their time and should not be treated as such.”

Irish Setter

The basic requirements of a dog house are that it provides enough room for a dog to fully stand up, turn around, and lie in with their legs fully extended. Larger dogs like Labrador Retrievers and Irish Setters will require a much larger dog house. When building or buying a dog house, owners should ensure it is properly sized for their dog.

Dog houses should be off the ground to keep them dry. Many premade dog houses come with an elevated base for this reason. Being off the ground also helps provide ventilation during hot weather and keeps the floor from becoming too cold in the winter months.

Adequate ventilation and air circulation are also important when building or purchasing a dog house. A few nickel-sized holes in the walls or air vents near the roof where rain cannot get in should do the trick.

When inspecting a dog house for needed repairs, check the roof for leaks. To do this, water the roof with a garden hose and make sure the interior stays dry. If the roof is leaking, repair any leaks. Ideally, the roof of a dog house will extend out at least 8 to 12 inches to keep rain or snow from blowing into the dog house during storms.

During the inspection, look for any chewed-up areas and replace them as needed. In addition, look for loose or protruding nails that may cause injury and make the required repairs. It is also a good time to clean the dog house and check for bugs or wood rot. If appropriate, pressure wash the dog house or use an unscented detergent to thoroughly clean all surfaces.

For bedding, experts recommend using wood chips, straw, or newspaper rather than blankets or rugs as the blankets and rugs might get wet and freeze during the winter months.

During the summer months, the dog house should be located in a shady area that is open to breezes. In the winter months, the dog house should be relocated to a sunny area that is well-protected from wind.

For dog owners considering building a dog house, many websites have DIY plans. However, materials are an important consideration. Most experts recommend using a composite plastic material for a dog house or purchasing a premade dog house made of this material. Plastic is easier to clean and less likely to attract bugs. In addition, plastic is less tempting for dogs who like to chew.

“Although wooden dog houses are usually warmer, they are more porous and can attract bugs,” said Miller. “Avoid using pressure-treated wood, which can contain harmful chemicals. The best choices are cedar, pine, or fir wood that has a non-toxic sealant or stain.”

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