Godhans Proud to Be One of the Most Versatile Tree Service Providers in Jacksonville NC

Godhans is a professional tree service that prides itself not only on doing quality tree work but also in offering a wide variety of essential landscaping services. This versatility has endeared the company to its customers and has helped this family-owned business remain a top-rated tree service in Jacksonville NC for many years now. Family member Micheal Godbersen explained why they chose to offer so many different tree and yard services to those in the Jacksonville area. He says, “From the beginning, we were never one of those tree companies that only wanted to provide tree trimming and tree removal services. That’s because we realized that our customer base would then have many other tree needs that would go unmet if we did. We are very proud of the fact that we offer as many or more tree and landscaping services as any company in Eastern North Carolina. Even if you do not see the tree services you are interested in while looking over our website, ask us about it because chances are, we do it or we will happily put you in touch with another company that does.”

Godbersen went on to say that of course, their bread-and-butter services are tree removal and tree trimming. That’s because no Jacksonville landscape can be properly maintained without them. He said that their tree trimming crews are all arborist led and that ensures that trees get trimmed at the right time of year and trimmed in a way that leaves them healthier. They are experts when it comes to crown thinning, pruning, crown raising, tree shaping, and trimming off dead and diseased branches. The company family member said that their tree removal crews are no slouch either. These veteran tree-felling experts know exactly how to land a fallen tree exactly where intended and follow all of the necessary safety protocols from the start through the finish of the project. He mentioned that their tree removal crews have access to the best gear and equipment that money can buy and can use one of their many large-size boom trucks to aid them with this somewhat difficult tree task. Once a tree has come down, they can also help a customer fully reclaim the ground area where a tree once stood by grinding away the remaining stump. He added that no tree removal or tree trimming job is ever considered to be complete unless a thorough cleanup of the yard has been undertaken. The company also provides free tree health assessments and can clear trees and brush off of any size lot.

Tree Service Jacksonville NC - Godhan

The company family member also briefly went over some of the other yard and lot services that they offer. This list includes all sorts of rough grading work and a wide variety of ditch and excavation services. The company is also one of Jacksonville, North Carolina’s leading fence & deck installation companies and is capable of doing many different barrier & retaining wall installation tasks. He stated that they also do all sorts of demolition work and can help people out in situations where they need a crane to lift an object into a hard-to-reach area.

These 5-star reviews from its Google Maps Business Listing back up how skillful this company’s professional tree services are. Michelle Grasos stated, “These guys are amazing! They have always been able to do what I’ve asked for and are totally reliable. They have done two jobs at my property and I couldn’t have chosen a better company. Thanks!” Kitty Lenker proclaimed, “Awesome people, they did the job in record time and they cleaned up until there was no mess left behind! Very fairly priced too. I love the fact that they were punctual, stayed in touch regarding arrival, and got the job done right down to the last leaf! If I ever have to do it again these are the people I would recommend!”

More information on the tree and other yard services that this Jacksonville-based company provides can be obtained by calling them or referring to the company website at https://godhans.com/tree-service-jacksonville-nc/.


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