Goat Throat Pumps Makes Custom Hand Drum Pumps, Fittings, and Accessories For Farming

Goat Throat Pumps is helping farmers and agricultural operators around the country customize and configure pumps, fitting, and accessories to allow them to work with the chemicals that they need to tend to their farms and produce.

The agricultural industry uses scores of chemicals to increase yield, ward off pests and insects, provide nutrients for animals, disinfect barn houses, and many more industry-specific purposes that are crucial to ensure that the farm runs at the highest efficiency and productivity. These chemicals and solutions have to be pumped over a wide area to properly provide nutrients and protection to cover the entire cultivation, preferably with minimal effort to save time for those working on the farms.

Apart from pumping everyday use liquids such as milk, water, and animal nutrients, the farming industry also needs to pump liquids such as pump formic acid (applied to hay and other animal feeds as a preservative), peracetic acid (for sanitizing processing equipment), chlorine-based chemicals (as a disinfectant), propionic acid (to reduce spoilage of food, agricultural and plant products), herbicides, water-based pesticides, pasture nutrients, glycerine, molasses, mineral supplements, hydrogen peroxide, soil additives, seed additives, and many more. Farms also need to pump liquids such as diesel oil, Adblue, and lubricants to maintain heavy machinery such as tractors, sprayers, combine harvesters, and more.

Some of the chemicals that the farming industry uses are corrosive in nature such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, necessitating the use of pumping solutions that are robust enough to resist their caustic and eroding qualities. The chemicals are also expensive and make up a significant chunk of the budget. It is, therefore, necessary to have a solution that dispenses the liquids at rates that are controlled and accurate to make sure the limited resources are stretched to their maximum extent. The cost of electricity is another considerable expense. Though almost all farms in the country today are on the grid and well connected, running automated pumps can affect the bottom line in an industry that already operates on thin margins.

Goat Throat Pumps offers the perfect hand drum pumps to meet all of the aforementioned requirements for the farming industry. The pumps can be used for a variety of farming, gardening, and landscaping applications. The company’s hand drum pumps help eliminate dangerous and messy chemical spills. Farmers no longer have to rely on inefficient pouring methods and can precisely move liquids between containers or equipment. The products add a whole new layer of speed and safety for working with farming chemicals, freeing up the workers from the worry of harming themselves and letting them focus on doing the best job possible.

The hand drum pumps can fit anything from a two-gallon jug to a 55-gallon drum and make dispensing liquids as easy as turning on a faucet. The pumps’ core functionality allows them to pressurize a container, making it easy to control the flow of the liquid out of it. The flow of the liquids is controlled to a high degree which enables the user to prevent waste, conserve inventory, and only dispense precise amounts every time. The flow rates are adjustable up to 4.5 gallons per minute. All of the hand drum pumps from the company are OSHA and EPA compliant.

The company goes above and beyond just providing hand drum pumps as it can design custom pumps to meet the customer’s compatibility requirements to give them a complete turnkey solution that they can install directly without further modifications. The company offers free configuration consultation calls to give its customers the flexibility to create a pump that matches their exact needs. The company has a database of over 2000 chemicals for the customer to select from. The company’s proprietary knowledge base system will then figure out the correct materials of construction for the pump including plastics, metals, and gaskets taking all uncertainty out of the process and giving the customer a system that will work out of the box for them.

Readers can find out more about the company’s products and services by heading over to its website at https://www.goatthroat.com/.


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