Glowing Kennected Reviews and 600 YouTube Subscribers Now Part of the Company’s Success Story

Indianapolis, Indiana -

The story of Indianapolis, IN-based Kennected’s quick success continues to intrigue people. The company has experienced many milestones since it was first founded in 2018. That includes its recent announcement that at the end of 2021 it now has over 600 subscribers on YouTube. Kennected’s YouTube channel has also been viewed an impressive 111,750 times for a total video watch time of over 2,900-hours. This tremendous amount of YouTube traffic has led to them attracting many new customers to their service. Many of them were so impressed with the LinkedIn automation tools the company provided to them that they had very positive comments to make when leaving Kennected software reviews.

The company CEO and one of the site's 5 founding members, Devin Johnson, says, “Kennected is excited to help people grow their businesses with insight and technology. We have spared no amount of expense and effort when it comes to the development of our LinkedIn automation, messaging & outreach tool. This tool has proven quite impactful when it comes to SaaS professionals booking qualified appointments, building their networks, and creating new revenue streams. We even used our software to grow our company to what it is today.” Johnson went on to say that the secret behind the company’s software being able to help individuals and businesses achieve lead flow mastery comes from the many years of collective digital marketing experience that their staff takes advantage of every single day. They also believe that going above and beyond being just a lead generation software designer is very important. That’s why they also help their client businesses in such areas as copywriting, LinkedIn marketing, personal branding, and how to build robust and profitable relationships. Johnson stated, “Our mission is to inspire people to achieve their dreams so that together, we can empower business professionals to achieve more impact, influence, and freedom.”

Kennected #1 Lead Generation Software

Johnson also talked about how the fact that many of their subscribers are willing to leave video testimonials on YouTube and at Kennected.Reviews have definitely helped speed up the time frame of their success faster than anyone at the company expected. One of the most viewed video testimonials on YouTube is the compilation of video reviews from 2020. It starts with Jordan Armstrong, the COO of ‘Wake Up Wealthy’ describing Kennected as one of the best lead generation software tools that his company has ever used. In this same video, Gavin Lira, founder, and CEO of Empathy Digital Marketing talks about how well Kennected has worked to help grow his business including closing over $22,000 of business in a recent month. These are followed up by revenue generation consultant, Zack Hesterberg, giving Kennected’s lead generation and prospecting tools his highest possible recommendation. Kennected’s CEO says that their YouTube channel is full of glowing video testimonials that they are very proud to share with those that visit that channel.

The company CEO also talked about why LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media tools to generate qualified leads. He stated that it all starts with the fact that unlike Instagram, Facebook, and others, it focuses solely on business. Despite that fact, the LinkedIn platform still reaches over 700 million people in some 200 countries. He says that offers a big potential to reach a target audience that needs the tools or services that those that use Kennected’s services have to offer. Those who use LinkedIn also have much higher average incomes than those that use other social network platforms. Johnson pointed out that this leads to potential product and service buyers having the means to purchase tools and services that they feel will help their business. That’s the reason that he feels that over 12,000 businesses now use their LinkedIn automation tools and other services. He says that their platform also appeals to many different types of businesses. A growing list that includes financial services, business coaches, recruiters, digital marketers, consultants, insurance agents, network specialists, sales professionals, and businesses of all sizes. The company CEO welcomes those that are interested in their lead generation and other services to check out their website or turn to their YouTube channel where they can learn how their lead generation process works and see their entire Kennected Reviews Playlist.


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