Globo Surf Suggests Using an Above Ground Pool to Stay Away from Overcrowded Beaches During COVID-19

San Diego, California – A company that has made a name for itself in the outdoor recreation space, Globo Surf is advising water lovers to opt for an above ground pool instead of going to the beach during the COVID-19 period. The company cites concern on the overcrowded state of most beaches and the possibility of catching the new, more resistant COVID-19 variants.

“Summer heat means that we love to cool our skin by dipping in water,” said Globo Surf’s CEO. “However, during these COVID-19 times, going to the crowded beach for a dip may not be the best idea. With the overcrowding that happens in the summer, there is no guarantee you will have personal space in the water or on the sand. This means that you may end up catching the COVID-19 virus. Instead of risking catching the virus, why not invest in a personal above ground pool that you can place in your backyard?”

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Globo Surf notes that above ground pools are much more affordable to buy and install than in-ground pools.

“If you are worried about the pool’s Installation, don’t,” said Globo Surf CEO. “Unlike in-ground pools, above ground pools do not require you to dig or spend days on the installation. After getting the above ground pool, you can set it up in a few hours and be ready for your first dip.” Globo Surf has even written a detailed article on how to install an above ground pool.

Globo Surf reports that above ground pools are available for all types of uses. The company says that there are pools designed for swimming and lounging.

“If you enjoy lounging, round above ground pools are very convenient,” said Globo Surf’s head of the research team. “If you enjoy swimming, you can get as many swims as you want in a rectangular above ground pool.”

Globo Surf notes that families can enjoy a great bonding time on their above ground pool. “If you have a family,” said the company’s CEO, “it is even more vital that you stay away from overcrowded areas to protect your kids. With the above ground pool in the backyard, you, your wife, and the kids can get a good family time in the backyard where you will get to talk and bond.”

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