Globo Surf Reviews The 5 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards For 2021

San Diego, California – To help water lovers get out more and enjoy stand-up paddleboarding in the different areas they visit, Globo Surf has written a review showing ten top-rated inflatable paddleboards. With this new review, Globo Surf hopes to help paddleboarders acquire high-performing, easy to inflate, versatile, and easy to transport inflatable paddleboards for activities like multi-day touring, paddling, and even yoga.

“Regular non-inflatable or hard paddleboards can be quite bulky,” said the CEO when announcing the new review, “Standing at a length of up to 9 feet, hard paddleboards often require a large car or car rack to transport to your favorite paddling location. On the other hand, when deflated, inflatable paddleboards can be rolled up to the size of a sleeping bag. This means that inflatable paddleboards occupy a small space in your car trunk and are much easier to carry around when looking for a convenient place to start paddling.”

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards

Globo Surf notes that during research, its team checked on more than just the paddleboard’s portability. The team was also concerned with other factors like stability, paddling performance, ease of inflation, and value for the money.

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“At Globo Surf,” said the company’s CEO, “We like to support both beginning and experienced outdoor sports enthusiasts. This is why we were always concerned with the stability of the paddleboards during the research phase for the article. Beginners and intermediate paddleboarders need paddleboards that excel at stability to keep them from falling when navigating turbulent waters.”

The CEO noted that to make things easy for the paddleboarders when they decide to get in the water, the research team only selected paddleboards that need a minimum amount of time to inflate. He noted that while the paddleboards may blow up to a PSI level between 12 and 15, this takes just 3 to 5 minutes to reach.

“We want our customers to get maximum value for money,” said the CEO, “It is for this reason we only selected inflatable paddle boards that are durable and carry the most advanced accessories. Presenting the most affordable inflatable paddleboards, we had to ensure that everyone who goes through our review can find a paddleboard that fits into his/her budget.”

Globo Surf is a company that has a keen interest in helping its readers get out more and enjoy nature. In addition to helping its readers get started with paddleboarding, the company’s website also carries articles that introduce beginners to swimming, surfing, diving, sailing, fishing, and much more.


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