Globo Surf Publishes New Video Showing Paddle Boarders 10 Best Rated Inflatable Paddle Boards

San Diego, California – To ensure nature lovers aren’t dealing with bulky, solid paddleboards when going out on paddleboarding trips, Globo Surf has published a new video showing 10 top-rated inflatable paddleboards. In the video, Globo Surf notes that, unlike the non-inflatable/solid paddleboards, the inflatable paddleboards can be deflated and rolled up to the size of a sleeping bag, reducing their size so that paddleboarders can carry them easily to their different destinations.

“With more people learning about the fun side of stand up paddle boarding,” said Globo Surf’s CEO, “the demand for paddleboards is rising. And with more people preferring easy to transport stand up paddleboards, it is no surprise that the market is filling up every day with new inflatable paddleboards. The problem is, not all of these paddleboards have the best qualities.”

Best Inflatable Paddle Board

The CEO noted that to create the video showing the 10 best inflatable paddle boards, the company’s research team had to spend 8 months on research. While the research period was quite long, the CEO noted that it was worth it as it helped the team put everything paddleboarders would need to get a good inflatable paddleboard in a video of just 15 minutes.

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“Every paddleboard on the market looks attractive,” said a member of the research team. “However, when you are on the water, you need more than just aesthetic appeal to enjoy paddleboarding. This is why we had to test thousands of inflatable paddleboards to determine things like stability, paddling performance, comfort, maneuverability, maximum capacity, ease of inflation, and much more. Each of the inflatable paddleboards included in our video has the best of these qualities. And the best thing is that these paddleboards won’t force you to break your bank account.”

Globo Surf notes that the paddleboards are extremely versatile, something that makes them perfect for different types of uses. “If you enjoy doing yoga on the water,” said the company’s CEO, “our video makes it much easier for you to find a paddleboard with a wide base and tail for the stability you need during yoga. If you would like to reel in a few fish when paddling, you will find a paddleboard that allows you to mount your fishing rod and other fishing tools.”

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