Gerard's Tree Service Is Offering Certified Mangrove Trimming Services In Pine Island, Lee County, Florida

Gerard's Tree Service is offering mangrove trimming services for the Pine Island area of Lee County, Florida.

Three mangrove species dominate and thrive in the Florida landscape due to the presence of salty water on account of Florida’s location right next to the Atlantic ocean. The main mangrove species native to Florida are red, black, white, and buttonwood. They are crucial to the Florida ecosystem as their growth and proliferation create ecological conditions that serve as a nursery for fish and habitats suitable for several birds and other coastal species.

Mangrove Trimming by Gerard

The government of Florida has recognized the importance of mangroves to the local ecosystem and hence has put in place strict professional requirements for their cutting and clearing. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has thus released an official list of state-authorized PMTs that is available for anyone to peruse on its website. A PMT (Professional Mangrove Trimmer) is a professional who has “demonstrated to the department a sufficient level of competence to assure that they can conduct mangrove trimming in a manner that will ensure the survival of the mangroves that are trimmed.” PMTs also possess the knowledge and ability to correctly identify and trim mangroves as per the Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act. Moreover, according to one requirement enforced by the DEP, part of the state-authorized PMT qualification requires the candidates to complete a minimum of 10 mangrove trimming projects which are verified for compliance with the Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act.

Gerard Cicoria, the owner of Gerard’s Tree Service is a state-authorized PMT with a PMT status of “ISA”, licensed in the South district, and based out of his home location, St. James City. He, along with his business partner Ben Armstrong, is fully equipped and knowledgeable to handle all of the South Florida residents’ mangrove trimming needs. Gerard is a Pine Island, Florida, resident with over 25 years of experience working with all types of trees. As an experienced professional climber, Gerard specializes in hard-to-reach trees and hazardous tree removal situations. Ben Armstrong is also a Florida native with over 30 years of experience in native tree trimming and shaping. Ben is also a highly skilled equipment operator, specializing in exotic tree removal and storm cleanup.

Gerard’s Tree Service provides a range of tree trimming services such as certified mangrove trimming, storm damage prevention and repair, stump grinding and root pruning, tree trimming, shaping, and thinning, wildfire mitigation, and zero-impact tree removal in Bokeelia, Matlacha, St. James City, and beyond. Some of the equipment that the company carries includes a 60-foot aerial lift, a portable stump grinder that can access difficult-to-reach areas, a front-end loader to move logs & brush with very little lawn damage, and a 12-inch brush chipper that produces a fine mulch.

A recent review on the company’s Google My Business page says, “Gerard was punctual for his estimate and service appointment. He and his crew are efficient and tidy. Fair price and great work.” Gerard Cicoria let the media know his reaction to receiving the 5-star review by saying, “We are thankful for the reviewer for noting our efforts to always provide prompt service to customers who inquire about our tree care services in Pine Island, Florida. We run a tight ship and we will always let you know the earliest possible time slot when we will be able to head over to your site to address your mangrove or regular tree trimming needs. All our staff is instructed to be clear while communicating with clients and they are trained to place the customers’ needs first. They will listen to your concerns and will let you know exactly how we can help you overcome them. When we arrive on-site, we do an in-depth analysis of the situation and clinically go about fulfilling the task’s requirements. When we are done, we leave the site as pristine and untouched as it was when we arrived. We manage to deliver all of this great work at reasonable prices that you will appreciate. So call us today at (239) 633-3976 or drop us an email at to get started with our mangrove trimming service."


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