George Ogunsiji of Hove Digital Marketing Consultants Quantum Business Dynamics Launches Free Report For Maximising Revenue With Website Funnels

George Ogunsiji of Quantum Business Dynamics has launched a Website Funnel Report that aims to help businesses maximize their online revenue by turning web visitors into high-value customers, clients, or patients.

The internet has lost its novelty over the years as users have become accustomed to the different ways in which websites try to grab their attention. This cognizant and experienced user base makes it even harder for businesses to stand out and convey their value proposition. The report from Quantum Business Dynamics highlights this issue by presenting three eye-opening statistics. Firstly, most visitors leave a website within 8 seconds if they don’t find exactly what they were searching for. Second, 96% of first-time visitors are not given enough incentive to take action to either purchase products or sign up for an offering using their email addresses. Finally, as little as a one-second delay in website loading times can cause a massive drop in the number of people who choose to interact with it.

George Ogunsiji talks about the effects of the aforementioned pitfalls by saying, “Many businesses work hard to attain a sufficiently high website ranking in the search results to generate a significant amount of website traffic. However, much of this can count for very little if an equal or greater amount of attention is not given to the visitor's experience once they arrive at the site. There may be many factors that actually deter the visitor from taking the action the business desires them to take and the result is that the business invariably fails to generate the volume of sales commensurate with the volume of traffic it generates. With Quantum Business Dynamics' help businesses can identify the factors that limit website conversion and unleash the latent potential of their content and SEO to turn every visitor into a prospective customer.”

Ogunsiji's report proposes a solution to fix the problem of low conversion rates by introducing the concept of website funnels. Website funnels work on the key psychological truth that no one likes to be aggressively sold to. The challenge that website funnels solve is to dissolve the user’s apprehensions and doubts one step at a time so that they build trust and are warmed up to the idea of using the business’s products and services. This involves creating content that the user finds appealing and piquing their interest by offering consumer awareness guides, cheat sheets, or ebooks that promise more, and then inviting them to take the next step with a call that leads them towards the end goal of making a purchase, contacting the business or booking an appointment.

The report published by the Brighton and Hove digital marketing agency further mentions key factors that can be used to gauge the strength of a robust funnel. Firstly, all the sales content or information should be on one page. This greatly helps conversions on mobile devices as mobile users show a higher affinity to scroll rather than click around. A funnel should also tell an engaging story that creates a positive association in the user’s mind regarding the brand. Funnels should also be ultra-responsive to fit the screen regardless of the device from which they are accessed. An optimized funnel will also have multiple calls-to-action peppered throughout the landing page, always hinting to the user that more relevant information and services are available if they click the buttons and sign up. Website funnels can also be easily split tested using A/B testing tools as all of their content resides on one page that can be swapped out for another if its performance is less than satisfactory. Finally, a high-quality website funnel should also give the incoming user multiple enticing offers that save them money and create a sense of goodwill regarding the website and brand.

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