Gearbunch Launches New Sugar Skull Leggings

Charlotte, NC based Gearbunch recently published a blog post talking about their new sugar skull leggings. The leggings are a bright and colorful addition to the Gearbunch line-up, with their unique patterns and colors representing a bright and colorful celebration of life. Every aspect of the sugar skull pattern has a special symbolic meaning. Flowers are a symbol of life, spider webs represent death and marigold flowers and candles represent the circle of life and death.

The Mexican holiday known as Dia De Los Muertos or ‘The Day of the Dead’ in English is a day set aside to celebrate deceased relatives and friends. Despite the somewhat morbid theme of the celebration, Dia De Los Muertos is seen as a celebration of the lives of lost loved ones. Sugar skulls are a central part of the celebration. During Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico, one can find hundreds of sugar skulls. The skull with flowers for eyes is known as a sugar skull and is so named due to its origins. Traditionally, sugar skulls were made from sugar, lemon juice and water molded in clay. They are decorated with feathers, beads, foil, lace and other brightly colored items.

Gearbunch’s sugar skull leggings feature unique, brightly colored sugar skull patterns. “Gearbunch leggings aren't made with sugar but you will look sweet when you rock a pair,” says Gearbunch. “From our famous leggings through to capris, yoga pants and sports bras too — we have your entire Sugar Skull outfit on lock. Wear them as separates, combine colors and styles to create a whole new look or complete your sugar skull look with matching pairs! However you choose to represent your individual style, our sugar skull range is the perfect choice.”

All Gearbunch gear is custom made by hand by the company’s highly qualified team in state-of-the-art, safe facilities. COVID-19 has had an effect on the shipping process but the Gearbunch team is constantly working to find the best way to get products to their customers around the world within a reasonable amount of time. Gearbunch has always made it a point not to compromise on quality no matter what and the COVID-19 pandemic has not changed that. All of their products are produced with great care and attention to detail within the company’s extremely high standards — and quality is the guiding principle behind every design and production choice.

A number of Gearbunch’s customers have left excellent reviews on various platforms praising the excellent quality and speed of delivery of their products. One customer who purchased the Gearbunch flamingo feathers capris left a great review stating, “I’m wild about these leggings and Gearbunch. I’m short (5’ 3”) so I always buy the capris. The colors are so beautiful. This is the second pair I bought with a white background, and they are not transparent at all. The feathers are so cool, they look like real feathers. I do Barre, and my leggings make me look forward even more to class!”

Another customer who purchased a pair of Gearbunch Black Promo Capris says in their 5-Star review, “So I just got my sample promo capri. Wow! I am blown away by the quality, the fit, the feel and the way they accentuate my curves. I lift heavy (106K - 112K) and I have an athletic build. I have tried leggings from the supposed king & queen of leggings, and their reign is over! Let me tell you I will be ordering all of my leggings from Gearbunch in the future. Thank you for making squat & dead proof leggings that do not restrict my movement and are breathable while offering such a flattering fit.”

Find out more about the Gearbunch Sugar Skull Leggings and any of the hundreds of other products available on Gearbunch’s site at With Gearbunch, a customer can always be sure that they are getting the very best in terms of customer service and quality — and the pandemic has not changed this. Get in touch with the team for more.


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