Gearbunch Introduces Squat Proof Leggings Made With 4-Way Stretch Fabric

Gearbunch has introduced innovative squat-proof leggings made with 4-way stretch fabric that will appeal to customers who like to wear leggings to the gym or outdoors for their workouts. Customers can read more about the squat-proof leggings at

There are many forms of leggings such as full-length leggings, capris, yoga pants, and yoga shorts among others. They are the clothing of choice for women who frequent the gym and otherwise maintain an active lifestyle. Leggings offer the flexibility required for performing difficult repetitive motions while at the same time being comfortable. They are also available in bold and fun designs that let one show off their unique style.

However, an ever-present concern with leggings is the problem of the thinning of the cloth when the wearer stretches or flexes beyond a certain point. When this problem is severe or easily noticeable, it can be embarrassing for the wearer. Poor quality leggings also stand a chance to tear when the same sort of shearing force is applied on it repeatedly, which is common for any intense workout.

Gearbunch claims to have solved the problem of thinning fabric due to stretching by introducing leggings that it is calling “squat-proof”. The company says it distinguishes its products by using a superior form of weave for the fabric. The company’s premium bottoms are hand-made with a 4-way-stretch - a type of weave that ensures the fibers can stretch both crosswise and lengthwise which creates better elasticity. Further details about the squat-proof leggings are available at

The 4-way stretch weave gives the leggings increased durability and they better hold their shape. The 4-way stretch also ensures the fibers can retain their structural integrity even when under strain. All of these properties ensure that the leggings are never see-through even when the wearer is in the deepest squat. Apart from being more durable, the 4-way stretch also leads to leggings that the company claims are extremely soft and feel luxurious on the wearer’s skin.

A spokesperson for the company says, “We are confident that gymgoers and everyone who values their active lifestyle will love our range of squat-proof leggings. We are leveraging the advancements in textile technology to solve a common problem. It will liberate those who are self-conscious about their leggings while working out. You will have peace of mind knowing that your clothes are going to keep up with your intense workout. When you buy from Gearbunch you are getting the best leggings that you can for your money. You can always visit to view our entire catalog.”

Gearbunch’s range of leggings, capris, yoga pants, and sports bras are available in multiple collections such as Mandala, Bright, Sport Luxe, Heart Shaped, Sugar Skulls, Camo, Yoga Zen, Basics, and Floral. The company is confident that customers can find the perfect design from its collections to express themselves. All of Gearbunch’s leggings are made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. They come with an elastic waistband and all of the seams are double stitched. All of its products are custom-made to order.

Gearbunch has not let the COVID pandemic halt its operations. The company says that it is still custom-making Gearbunch gear by hand. The company’s teams are safely practicing social distancing in its production facilities. The company does acknowledge that due to the impacts of COVID-19, shipping times have increased by up to double in some cases. The company says that it is doing its best to stay on top of this situation and is doing everything it can to make sure the products reach the consumers as fast as possible.

A review of the company’s leggings by Krista S. says, “I love my tie-dye leggings! I wore them for a Run Woodstock Festival and ran the Hippie Half marathon in them! They were soft, comfy, and colorful!!! I got lots of compliments on them as well!!!” Another review by Jennifer K. says, “Super happy with my GearBunch leggings! I have three now and I’m hooked! Super light material feels like a second skin and squat proof! patterns are fun!” Another review by Patricia R. says, “The best prints. I’m addicted to the brand because as much as they are comfortable; they are amazing and feel like second skin !!!! Very vibrant colors too in love.”


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