Gas Fireplace Repair Available At Northco Fire

Windsor, CO based Northco Fire is making their team available for all manner of gas fireplace repair and maintenance services. With summer underway and many people looking to host outdoor BBQs and fire pits, the company would like to remind their community to keep their gas fireplaces in top shape. Having specialists service a fireplace is the best way to ensure that it is safe to use, functioning properly and generally ready for the summer. Northco Fire’s services are guaranteed to produce excellent results, and homeowners can trust the Windsor company to get their fire pits and gas fireplaces ready for their first summer barbeque.

The company’s services cover both traditional wood burning fireplaces (with a gas conversion) as well as modern gas fireplaces. They have been providing exceptional service to their customers for over a decade now and it is their dedication to excellent customer service that has made Northco one of the most reputable fireplace service companies in the area. Fireplaces come in all shapes, styles and sizes, which makes it necessary to seek out professionals who understand how all kinds of fireplaces work. The company places a great deal of emphasis on repair and maintenance as many homeowners have switched over to gas fireplaces over the years.

“One of the biggest advantages of gas fireplaces over traditional wood-burning fireplaces is convenience. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces provide heat at the flick of a switch,” the fireplace repair company says. “Additionally, with gas fireplaces, you don’t have to worry about all that ash and soot in your chimney. Gas fireplaces are also one of the best options when it comes to outdoor fire pits and living spaces. This is because the ‘on-demand’ convenience of gas fireplaces gives you complete control over when you want the fireplace or fire pit to be on or off — it’s as easy as flipping a switch. The cost savings is also a concern for many homeowners. Many homeowners commonly ask whether gas fireplaces are more economical than wood-burning counterparts. According to a study done by Woodland Direct, gas logs saved consumers an average of just over 40% on average.”

Gas fireplaces can be broken up into two categories, vented and ventless, and Northco Fire has the tools and knowledge to provide equally great service regardless of the type they are dealing with. Getting them to come over and repair a fireplace is as easy as making a call and scheduling an appointment.

Northco Fire is one of the top fireplace servicing companies in Northern Colorado. Whether a customer is looking for routine fireplace maintenance or help with troubleshooting a fireplace that does not seem to be working how it should, the company is ready to help. All customers receive the very best service regardless of how big or small their issue may be. They have earned a reputation for excellence, which is evident in the many excellent reviews the company has received.

Curtis Henderson says about their time with the company, “Our house was built in 2011, and we have two gas fireplaces. We had a functional problem with them and had called a fireplace person who told us the wrong information and actually caused us some toxic symptoms as a result of his advice. After multiple inquiries, I was directed towards the very excellent people at Northco Fire. I had to wait several weeks for an appointment, but we are so very glad we did. Our technician, Joel, was terrific; very knowledgeable, willing to educate, clean, courteous. He fixed our problem, serviced our fireplaces so they perform perfectly, cleaned everything so it looks great. Perfect. Was it inexpensive — nope. Was it worth it — every penny! Strongly suggest letting this company evaluate your fireplaces, inside and outside. Joel will be back this summer to evaluate our fire pit.”

Another customer, Bruce Hendee, says about his experience, “We had a fireplace that another company told us was not fixable and would cost $10K to replace. We contacted Northco Fire and had them come out. They climbed up on the roof and discovered the wrong vent cap had been installed. Now it works perfectly! Great customer service and great work!”

For more information, customers may visit the fireplace repair company’s website. The team can also be reached via their social media channels.


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