Ga Law Firm Issues Advisory For Accident Victims Filing Personal Injury Lawsuit Without Hospital Visit

Georgia-based The Angel Law Firm has shared a blog post entitled "Can You File a Personal Injury Claim Without a Hospital Visit After an Accident?"

The blog post starts with a question as to whether an accident victim can file a personal injury lawsuit without paying a visit to the hospital. "You're shaken up, but you don't 'feel' like you've been injured, so you don't go to the ER or consult an Atlanta personal injury attorney. A week or ten days later, a severe medical condition develops," writes the law firm.

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When a person is injured in an accident but does not seek immediate medical attention, this might soon have some genuinely negative consequences. The blog post states that many people do not seek medical care as they think it makes them look weak, while others believe in self-care and treating themselves with over-the-counter medicines.

Some people might experience delayed injury symptoms due to the adrenaline effect on pain after the accident. It might be too late to seek compensation when the adrenaline subsides. This process may be hours or even days later.

Declining medical treatment is not the right way to approach an accident injury claim.

The personal injury law firm has a piece of advice. It lets you know, "If you're injured because someone was negligent, in a traffic accident or any other accident scenario, the negligent party's insurance company will not compensate you for your injury or injuries without proof that you've been injured."

They are even less willing to compensate a person if they do not pay a visit to the hospital.

The sad reality here is the lack of hospital documentation. The longer a victim waits for a medical exam, the more challenging it is to link a personal injury to an accident.

According to The Angel Law Firm, any delay in medical treatment after an accident could make it challenging for the victim to collect compensation under Georgia state law. Delays give the negligent party's insurance company the excuse to prove that the victim did not suffer serious injuries.

Worst still, they could even try to prove that it was a pre-existing injury and not the result of any negligence. "Let's say that you're injured in a car wreck, but you waited a week before you made a doctor's appointment. The insurance company may claim that your injury may not have happened in that accident since a full week passed between the injury and the time you made the appointment," the blog mentions the Georgia-based law firm.

Georgia personal injury attorneys recommend a victim seek medical treatment if they believe that their injuries result from someone's negligence. Any delay is an opportunity for the insurance company to reduce or reject the compensation claim.

The car accident attorney represents the victim to prove the defendant's negligence. They also seek compensation for the plaintiff under Georgia law for emotional, physical, and financial losses. These losses include pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses. Medical documentation is critical to proving that the accident caused any injuries.

Even an Atlanta personal injury lawyer may find it hard to prove the victim's injury claim without medical records. A medical examination is crucial immediately after any accident to ensure that the victim did not sustain any latent injury that might develop into a serious condition later. Seeking medical help promptly is the right way forward to prove the victim's claim.

According to The Angel Law Firm, it would help to "Make copies and store all of your medical records, bills, and receipts securely. Adhere to your doctor's recommendations regarding prescription medications, follow-up appointments, treatment, and any referral to a specialist. If you do not adhere to your doctor's recommendations, the negligent party's insurance company – you guessed it – may claim that you're not seriously injured after all."

The right accident lawyer knows how to handle negotiations with the insurance company. They are well-versed with Georgia personal injury law, which is complicated for a person from a non-legal background. A single mistake might prove costly as the negligent party's insurance provider is always waiting anxiously to bounce back to confirm the victim's claim wrong.

The Angell Law Firm offers a free consultation. Their injury attorneys understand the pain and suffering of an accident victim. They are committed to representing clients honestly and aggressively. Their objective is to help the victim receive the compensation they deserve.

For those who have been injured due to someone else's negligence, The Angel Law Firm's personal injury lawyers can give personalized legal advice.

Georgia state law takes accidents seriously and protects the injured victims of negligence, entitling them to compensation. Get in touch with the best Atlanta personal injury lawyers here.


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