FutureSense Announces New Partnership with Digital Marketing Agency Bliss Drive

San Rafael, California -

San Rafael, California: FutureSense, a consulting company that provides holistic people strategies designed to enhance business performance, has revealed that they have established a new partnership with Digital Marketing Agency Bliss Drive. FutureSense focuses on organizations’ purpose, culture, attraction, strategy, and transition and hopes to grow with their operations with this new partnership.

FutureSense’s services include training and performance development; change enablement and sustainability; leadership and coaching; total rewards and motivation strategy; equity and incentive compensation; base compensation; talent acquisition and assessment; and human resources services.

Melanie Jameson, Director of Communications and Brand Management, says, “FutureSense has provided solutions for compensation and rewards since our inception in 1995. We partner with clients who want solutions crafted to their specific needs. We work with companies of all sizes, types, and locations. Whether you need a quick evaluation, help with a complex project, or long-term support, we can help.”

Their more popular services are broad-based compensation, executive compensation, and equity and incentive compensation. Broad-based compensation is their suite of services designed to support market analysis, pay structure design, compensation philosophy, annual reviews, job analysis, process analysis, compensation management, and survey participation.

Common projects under broad-based compensation include ad hoc job pricing; benchmarking; survey data analysis; survey participation; compensation calendar management; pay structure management; compensation philosophy creation; establish pay strategy; job alignment to pay structure; pay structure design; job-worth hierarchy; internal and external job valuation; geographic differential support; and broad-based annual pay review.

FutureSense also offers solutions for compensation and rewards. With their compensation resourcing service, they want to point out that clients have access to the compensation department of the future. Their professionals, who provide these services, are remotely accessible, trained, have experience in a broad range of industries, and can enhance procedures and results. This is a solution for when there is too much to do or not enough work to justify spending for another internal compensation worker. Their team offers daily assistance and extra support during peak times.

Bliss Drive is known for its “tried-and-tested” online marketing services. They specialize in maximizing their client’s online presence, improving website traffic, and boosting conversion rates, leading to increased sales. According to Richard Fong, Founder, and CEO of Bliss Drive, “We are looking forward to moving ahead on this exciting venture with FutureSense. As always, we will provide the top-notch services that our clients deserve and rely on; stress-free delivery of work; positive ROI for the client is our main priority.”

Those interested in learning more about FutureSense can visit their website at https://www.futuresense.com/, contact them on the phone, or through email.


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